Apple’s self-healing repair is now open in the US for these iPhones

Now it is possible to iphone owners to repair their own devices, and Apple will help with repair manuals and spare parts. Currently only a few products are supported, but the list will increase again this year. Now that the difficult right to repair an iPhone has been conquered, it will be interesting to see how many customers follow. However, the repair manuals are quite durable and there are tools and machines that are highly specialized for some repairs, which can be very expensive.

The right to repair an iPhone and other electronics is controversial and many manufacturers have resisted this move for years. The idea is a partial solution to alleviate the growing problem of electronic energy. A dead iPhone that is broken is difficult to recycle. That’s why Apple also has a recycling program and a robot specifically designed to safely take an iPhone apart and make it complete for recycling. The move to direct repair also indicates that this was a solution to planned obsolescence, where manufacturers consciously predicted that sooner or later a product would become incompatible. Apple has been supporting the iPhone longer than any other smartphone manufacturer, so that accusation is not true. Whatever the reason for the resistance, it’s a hotly debated issue now that Apple has a self-repair program.

by Apple The auto repair shop is now open and iPhone owners can download official Apple repair manuals and request Apple-generated parts to fix a variety of issues. However, servers should keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily something most people should try as there are some dangerous components and a repair that goes wrong can cause even more damage to the iPhone. Currently, the list of self-service devices is limited to more recent iPhone models. To make matters worse, there are menu options for every phone in the iPhone 13 series, the third-generation iPhone SE, and the iPhone 12 series. According to Apple, more products will be added to the list later this year.

This is a well-planned and comprehensive launch of Apple’s auto repair program, and the site is sleek in design and easy to understand. But products will be added to the auto repair list over time, with repair manuals and parts for Mac computers coming later this year. The devices can be bought or rented, and renting makes more sense unless you’re opening an office or planning to remodel different iPhone models as a business.

The repair manuals are quite durable and highly specialized tools and machines are suggested for some repairs, which can become quite a bit. However, this will not necessarily improve traffic to the iFixit site as it provides a more accessible method of repair. For example, Apple provides tools and parts to fix one iphone fabric that costs several hundred dollars in total, but which Apple simply lets take care of the repair.

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