Apple’s self-service program requires a serial number to combine parts

maçãThe company’s self-help repair program has officially launched in the US, but the right to repair groups say it’s not a big step forward for the right to repair movement like the company is doing. Apple announced its auto repair program last November, promising users that, in a nutshell, they’ll soon be able to test-drive their iPhones and Macs using Apple’s online shopping features. The dramatic shift in attitude has come under intense pressure from restorative justice activists who have criticized Apple for its questionable stance on third-party repairs.

One of the biggest defenders of the right to repair is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who has protested the company’s anti-repair stance, saying the company must do the right thing and get people to keep their computer professionals as soon as possible. . † Wozniak, who shared his views on the right to fix a Cameo video less than a year ago, said Apple doesn’t exist without an open and accessible technology that makes it easy for people to put away their outdated devices.

In a blog post Thursday, the popular DIY repair site iFixit discovered Apple’s new auto repair program as a: “Big step” but say the ideal pattern is still there. In accordance with the post, the program is: “It’s not an absolute reality for repair enthusiasts that Apple retailers would have you believe.” As the blog reveals, Apple’s new program requires users to start new installation steps with an existing device. This two-step process requires users to enter the device’s serial number or IMEI when purchasing a part from Apple’s online store, and then pair it with the same device after installation.

Describing this serial number requirement as: “A terrible pressure”, the blog says that this could block but fix Apple for the same device in the future. But not all is disappointment and sadness, because the new politics has brought about many positive changes for the consumer. For example, devices that were previously only available with Apple-certified technologies are now accessible to regular users as part of the auto repair program. Meanwhile, Apple has also made its step-by-step repair guides available to everyone for free.

Following Apple’s announcement of its self-repair program, Samsung announced a similar initiative earlier this year in partnership with iFixit. According to the two companies, the program will not only make it easier for customers to access the parts, but also help them access step-by-step repair guides and the tools needed to perform these repairs. Samsung’s decision was followed by Google, which announced an automatic repair program for its Pixel smartphones earlier this month. This program will go live later this year and will cover many Pixel models, from the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, including future Pixel phones.

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