Arterial Blood Pressure Monitor for Apple Watch advanced to 2024

esta Apple Watch The long-awaited source of blood pressure measurement and blood pressure will not be available until 2024. Since its launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has been one of the world’s best-selling wearables. It has gone through several iterations over the course of two years, with the latest generation launching late last year. It has a variety of essential health and safety resources, including EKG and residue detection, which have saved the lives of many users over the course of two years.

While the Apple Watch has many sources that have become popular with smartwatch buyers, it also has none of the sensors found on other devices. An example is the thermometer, which can be found in many other fitness smartwatches and receivers, including Fitbit Sense, Mobvoi TicWatch GTH and Amazfit GTS 2e/GTS 2e. Meanwhile, recent reports suggest that the Galaxy Watch 5 may also include a thermometer to measure body temperature.

Apple has finally announced plans to add a blood pressure monitor to your next-generation smartwatch. Bloombergclaiming the company is having trouble with new resources and likely won’t be soon until 2024 “With the greatest brevity.” It could even be delayed until 2025 if things continue to rise or fall. Apple is currently experimenting with arterial pressure monitoring technology for employees, say or report. However, the results are still not as accurate and consistent as Apple would like.

According to the report, the new Apple Watch review will not provide specific systolic and diastolic arterial pressure readings, unlike the medical gray arterial blood pressure monitors doctors normally use. At the same time, he warns users if they have high blood pressure (hypertension). The report also appears to confirm rumors that Apple is also working on adding non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology to the Apple Watch to help diabetics monitor their blood pressure. “A few years later” From materialization.

Following the revision of the blood pressure monitoring system, Apple is working on several other new technologies for the next-generation Apple Watch. Two new resources are available. “Body Temperature Sensor” It will likely appear on the Apple Watch Series 8 this year. However, it is designed to aid in fertility planning, meaning it has no real leaks. Finally, on watchOS 9, watch Atrial fibrillation detection (AFib) can also calculate how often a person is in FA in a given time period.

source: Bloomberg

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