AS Pen is the only reason I still use the Galaxy S22 Ultra

and Samsung Plans to lock down the Note-series phones, followed by sending the DNA of the S Pen with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera, were met with zeal, but the update just made the most of the car. Samsung outfitted the S22 Ultra with front-line hardware worth a US$1,200 phone and even enhanced it with the S Pen format to top it off with some fanboy nostalgia that still can’t stand it. Naturally, the company has equipped the phone with an updated S Pen that is three times faster than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

However, for all its features and fame, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is an impressive phone. Yes, it’s unbelievably fast with fantastic cameras, a beautiful fabric and a fantastic design to combine with all that basic bondage. But it’s also extremely dangerous, and it’s not easy to order that fat price. Obviously other phones offer similar hardware and have abandoned Samsung’s car for fast charging, but one aspect that helps the Galaxy S22 Ultra stand out is its can.

It’s not just a stick that cancels experience. The little software tricks combined with the S Pen add an extra layer of incomparable convenience. For example, the ability to record and save a quick note with the canon directly from the blocking canvas without unlocking the phone is quite handy. The option to unlock the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a touch on the S Pen is also handy. Another legal trick is the proximity warning source. Once activated, a warning will be displayed if the S Pen is left behind. The warning message appears the last time the S Pen was removed from the garage. It’s not the same as Apple’s Find My or a Tile-integrated streaming system, but it really makes a difference.

Another productivity solution that greatly facilitated the shift between faculty requirements and professional obligations was the ability to write on the calendar. Available as a so-called drawer Write on the calendar in the S Pen’s storage menu, it can be added to the Air Command menu to scroll through calendar entries. Compared to digital, adding a nice personalization note is a must to review. Just like Apple’s Scribble resource on iPads, any text or search field can be scraped, even with great calligraphy translated into text. It’s not the best option for long-winded bats, but to quickly find an application, submit a short answer, or search Elon Musk’s liquid heritage on Google, the S Pen searches in a more natural way.

A particularly useful resource is Smart Select. It’s essentially a Windows remote, but it works with a Samsung jack without headphones. The ability to open a fabric capture mode with several predefined selections and export them to an application or share them elsewhere is an extremely underrated resource. An extension of Smart Select is the ability to copy text with the S Pen. For example, Instagram, an application that does not allow users to highlight and copy text on posters. In some other applications, only the entire text can be copied and no segment is selected. AS Pen can overcome these two limitations.

There’s also an option to extract text from a selected area on the fabric, proving just how accurate Google’s Pixel phones are. Air Actions is another interesting resource that allows users to control the camera with hand gestures. The gestures work confidently, but require more effort to execute than a simple touch or cut in the fabric. They’re useful for taking a group photo with a click of the S Pen button, but that’s about it. But the most important question to ask before spending any money on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is whether the phone is worth US$1,200 while the Pixel 6 offers a high-end Android experience at that price?

It is an acĂ©falo for advanced users that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the S Pen. But for people willing to spend that much money on an Android phone, it’s worth experimenting with the S Pen’s capabilities in a retail store to really understand what it’s all about. Of course it helps that Samsung offers a promising leader in the set of four Android OS updates for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the S Pen is what it does as the phone really deserves the premium price. There’s no shortage of energy-efficient Android cars, but the only reason why Samsung The Galaxy S22 Ultra outperforms the rest with the S Pen and all the weird tricks that come with it.

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