Awesome Spotify Car Thing update includes phone control and other communication features

Spotify Because Thing gets its first major update: phone support, other media controls and much more. Spotify has been known as a software company since its launch in 2008. by far the largest streaming service.

This makes the Spotify Car Thing a unique device. Announced in April 2021 and launched in February this year, Car Thing is Spotify’s first hardware product. As the name suggests, your car here serves Spotify. You can use Car Thing to control music playback, navigate playlists and use the volume control to find something new to listen to. The Car Thing is hands down the best gadget to use Spotify on the go – but it’s where the functionality starts and ends. Unless you’re a stubborn Spotify user, it’s not easy to justify the $89 price of Car Thing.

But that seems to be changing. April 7, Spotify announced This is the first major update for Car Thing. In the press release announcing the update, Spotify says: Because Thing sounds easier to play exactly the music you want, thanks to the product’s intuitive interface and the ease of using “Hey Spotify” to control what you want to hear. But there is always room for a better one. Things have turned out better, which is why Car Thing is launching some new updates this week. †

The biggest new source for Spotify Car Thing update is phone support. As long as your smartphone is connected to Car Thing, all received calls are displayed on the fabric with buttons to answer or redial the call. Another great resource is that you can now use Car Thing to control other media not shared by Spotify. The Car Thing is primarily a Spotify device, but the ability to use it for other media controls is a big plus.

Spotify Car Thing users also get a much-needed file source. Just like you do with the Spotify app, Car Thing now allows you to add music/podcasts to it for future listening. You can do this by tapping the “Add to file” button, pressing and holding the unload key in the selected option, or by using the “No Spotify” voice command. Finally, Spotify has added more personalized playlists to Car Thing. In accordance with the press release, “Just ask about the gender, humor or personality that describes the type of music you want to hear. For example, say ‘Hey Spotify, tap Cozy Sunday RnB’ and we’ll make it possible to instantly tailor a playlist based on your order.”

The only benefit of the Spotify Car Thing update is the way it launched. All users will have line functionality and personal playlists this week, but only iPhone users will receive phone notifications and updated media controls. These things will reach Android users at some point, but Spotify still doesn’t have a launch date (say it will be available “at a later date”).

source: Spotify

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