Barack Obama Thanks MySpace And Facebook For Helping With Election Video

The ex-president of the United States, Barack Obama, emphasized the role of social networks, such as: facebook and MySpace, in his election came during a speech about disinformation at Stanford University. When Obama — then the US senator from Illinois — ran his first campaign to run for the country’s 44th president in the 2008 election, most social networks had only been around for a few years. Facebook, the site of the recently renamed social media conglomerate Meta, was founded in 2004 by current CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his faculty colleagues. Besides being mentioned by Obama, MySpace was launched a year earlier in 2003 and is widely used. the first social media platform to reach a global user base over the internet.

Obama’s confession comes at a time when technology, politics and free speech intersect. Obama’s presidential successor, Donald Trump, has temporarily or permanently banned almost all major social networks due to repeated violations of their respective terms of service. On Twitter, on the platform where Trump extensively discussed his thoughts with supporters and opposition, Trump was suspended because “repeated and serious violations of [Twitter’s] Civil Integrity Policy.“Trump was for a while permanently banned from using Twitter for any account, presidential or personal. However, not everyone agrees with the company’s stance on these questions. For example, tech billionaire Elon Musk is making a “hostile takeover” of Twitter vitórias eleitorais.

The former US president visited the Stanford University campus, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to discuss democracy’s desperation over digital information in a speech that was later sent to YouTube. The keynote address was a joint effort organized by the Stanford Cyber ​​​​Policy Center and the Obama Foundation, and addressed Obama’s use of social media in his election videos. Before criticizing the sheer amount of information on the internet and the forms about how it could be misused, he emphasized its potential. †It connects billions of people around the world and brings the collective knowledge of the sexes into our minds,Obama also said, citing economic and medical advancements that are directly related to technological advancements. In other words, it will play a part in your political success.”I couldn’t have been elected president without sites like MySpace, Meetup, and Facebook,“Obama explains.”Allow an effort of young volunteers to organize, confiscate money, [and] spread our message.

The changes in technology will outline the changes Obama has explored — the ability to connect and serve audiences around the world — but also have negative effects, such as disinformation. †The internet and the information revolution that the company has become a transformer and does not seem to be going backwards,“said Obama.”But like all technological advancements, these advances have unintended consequences – there is a price.The ex-president believes that when the internet became easily accessible at the beginning of the 21st century, everyone shared the same facts and precise information. With the evolution of technology, there is now “media realities totally different, fed directly into our phones,Obama says. The result, he argues, is that people are now more susceptible to further confirmation—the psychic gravitational pull toward the facts and opinions that shape perceptions and visions of the existing world.

This is compounded by the failure of some social media platforms to accurately verify the ratings on their sites, which can be shared thousands or thousands of times with other users. These online social forums promise to address the issue of many important topics, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, but not all of them have been successful. For example, Facebook spread nearly half of its problematic posts in a demonstration promoting climate change denial discourse, according to a report by Dio Digital Battle Center (CCDH). Other independent and incendiary auditors tried calling major social networks for their role in spreading information, largely without success. As Obama revealed, the growth of social networks can be valuable, facebook or not, but you could also face serious charges if the information is spread.

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