Basically, Facebook allows you to publish parchments directly from third-party applications

Facebook mother in law Yuan Announcing a new “Share to Reels” resource that allows creators to publish videos directly to the reels of third-party applications. The short format video service, advertised as Instagram Reels in late 2020, hit Facebook last year and has since become popular among users around the world. Meta came to confirm the Reels were yours “Today’s most advanced content format.”

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with approximately 2.9 billion active messaging users (MAUs) worldwide as of January 2022. Instagram is also a popular social media application with nearly 1 billion active user posts as of March 2022. The Reels curved video service is available on both platforms.

Yuan VocĂȘ Annunciar Introducing the “Share to Reels” resource, which allows third-party app developers to provide their users with the ability to publish videos to Reels directly from their applications. After developers deploy the resource, their apps will receive a Reels button that allows users to share their videos directly on the Reels. Anyone using the source can also use coil editing tools such as audio, text, effects, subtitles, and glues. This allows users to download videos from third-party applications before being sent to Reels individually.

Share to Reel partners for publishing resources include the popular karaoke app Smule and the video editing apps Vita and VivaVideo. According to Meta, the three apps have already integrated new tools, and many other apps are likely to do the same in the future. The company also added that the new resources will help Reels reach new audiences, facilitating the publishing of content from the creators on the platform. The Share to Reel Resource I noticed several years after Meta (then Facebook) launched the Share to Stories resource, which allows users to share content on Facebook Stories directly from third-party applications.

Watching TikTok and its ultra-popular videos live in short format photo format, Reels was available on Facebook in a number of select markets, including the US and India, before expanding to 150 countries in the past. Reels is often described as a downloaded copy of TikTok, but Facebook helped recapture some of its fledgling user base that was quickly accessible according to the viral video app YuanReels is the main contributor to the growth of Instagram and is also growing very fast on Facebook.

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