Because Snapchat Holds on to a Future of RA

Snapchat clings to a future of augmented reality, allowing developers to get advance access to their advanced AR eyes, which the company simply refers to as “new” or “next-generation” eyes. Using the resources of this new RA platform, games and experiences are now being created for the future of users as this technology becomes more widely available.

The social media giant has consistently led AR in personal diversity, with Snapchat Lenses being one of the first to bring advanced redness streaming technology to the general public. Being able to ‘dress up’ computer graphics decoratively as make-up, make-up and clothing would have been something unpublished in the early days of the smartphone. This requires the most powerful computing or analytics and rendering you provide today. The basic resources of AR are progressing so fast that the next steps we take for the lives of citizens are slow by comparison.

A recent demonstration of the Snapchat video on YouTube highlights the most advanced in a nutshell. VoiceML allows the user to request things from your AR eyes, and they will appear in your vision like magic. Just as manual monitoring is possible, interaction with these virtual constructs takes place in the same way as with real objects, extending the hand and touching. Unfortunately, users can’t feel them now. However, additional hardware can provide detailed feedback to simulate the touch and increase realism. While most of the AR searches performed on Meta, Google, and Apple are currently in the lab, Snap is getting more people involved in inviting creators to start developing with their last-generation eyes. That’s why Snap seems to be moving faster than other companies in creating the RA experience, in anticipation of the hardware being improved.

Provide enough teasers of the next generation of Snap’s Spectacles to leave some unsuspecting customers behind. However, persistent delays can save us from being cheated and doubting whether they will arrive. Finally, the first version of Spectacles was launched in 2016, the second in 2018 and the third in 2019. Now three years have passed with no updates made available to the public.

Therefore, the ‘New’ Shows are only available to the hundreds of developers and creators who have signed up to be the masters of this new technology that is not yet ready for ordinary users. This is the first device similar to Snap solar panels with RA sources that currently requires an iPhone or Android phone. Putting this technology into a pair of high AR watches that will last several hours and be robust and reliable enough for the average user is still a few years away. While this, Snapchat is actively working on RA content and experiences to be ready for the fun and exciting future to come.

Source: Snapchat/YouTube

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