Best e-card sites for Father’s Day in 2019

  1. Let your father know how much he means to you
  2. Jacqui Lawson
  3. punch bowl
  4. American congratulations
  5. quality mark
  6. paperless mail
  8. Ojolie
  9. just wink
  10. BirthdayAlarm
  11. Victorian Trading Company
  12. kathy cards
  13. blue mountain
  14. CrossCards
  15. 123 greetings
  16. care2
  17. kisseo
  19. MyFunCards
  23. Rubber Chicken Cards
  24. sloppy kiss
  25. Deepest Feelings

Let your father know how much he means to you

Father’s Day is the perfect time to tell him how much he means to you. It’s also a great time to surprise Dad with a surprise email greeting. Whether he’s traditional, modern, irreverent, humorous or ridiculously funny, you can find exactly what he’s looking for. These sites have every type of Father’s Day ecard you can think of, and some just in time for his day.

Jacqui Lawson

Chudleigh chocolate Labrador goes fishing, Wimbledon and golf. This is certainly not the only way Jacqui Lawson’s lovingly designed Father’s Day e-cards welcome, relax and surprise the host father. With a touch of the English countryside, these charming postcards set the mood for your father’s special day.

punch bowl

Email greetings are a handy, animated way to let your dad know how much he means to you. The electronic cards in Punchbowl are cool and high quality. They are made to please both the father and the sender. These cards look and behave like paper cards. Personalize them for your dad with electronic envelopes, custom postage and rubber stamps.

American congratulations

When you pay to send a card, you want it to be impressive. The Father’s Day cards on are impressive and the collection of high quality cards is huge. Celebrate your dad for all he does for you with one of these premium e-cards.

quality mark

It’s not the largest collection of Father’s Day cards, nor the trendiest, but it’s hard to beat on, which is full of quality ecards for dads. You can never repay him for everything he’s done for you, but surprising him with the perfect e-card is a good start.

paperless mail

Dad won’t feel the rough texture of the heavy paper on the screen, but he’ll see it, and he’ll probably appreciate the stylish cards printed on them with paperless mail. Choose from heartfelt, fun and traditional card designs.

As long as your dad has a sense of humor, he’ll appreciate the offbeat ecards on This irreverent collection of Happy Father’s Day greetings expresses your appreciation for some of the less typical Father’s Day moods.


Send Dad a beautifully designed Father’s Day card from Ojoly. This collection of images, complete with animation and music, shows him that you think he’s the best.

just wink

The cards in Just Wink are witty and thoughtful to make the father (or father) in your life feel special. Go sentimental or cheerful. Any type of card makes it a day!

BirthdayAlarm offers many great cards to celebrate your father’s special day. Some are personalized with your photos, others are hilarious and they all sincerely wish he had a memorable Father’s Day.

Victorian Trading Company

Vintage images from a Victorian trading company evoke another era, but they’re perfect for letting your dad know you appreciate everything he’s done for you. Choose from great fun or charming Victorian-era greeting cards.

kathy cards

The beautifully drawn and cute animated Happy Father’s Day greetings on Katie’s Cards will make any dad a happy backpacker, especially football players, golfers, fishermen and super dads.

blue mountain

For paying BlueMountain members, the opportunities are huge. There are cards for a father who is a sports enthusiast and many funny cards, but you can also send an animated and interactive card or a card with poetry.


CrossCards combines its Christian-themed Father’s Day e-cards with a collection of modern, sleekly designed cards that express your appreciation for him on his special day.

123 greetings

Show your dad how much you care with one of 123 Greetings’ Father’s Day ecards. Some are funny and some are genuine, but they all let him know how much you appreciate him.


Care2 has both cute and adorable greeting cards for Father’s Day, and the company has a great idea too. By sending a Care2 e-card you show that you care not only about your father, but also about our environment – a portion of Care2’s income goes to non-profit environmental organizations.


Kiseo’s collection of Father’s Day e-cards is relatively small, but the cards match the name of the e-card site; they are extremely sweet. Wish your father a special day with one of these fun cards.

Your father was there when you needed him. Show him that you appreciate everything he has done for you. Soft and frivolous, Father’s Day Cards makes for beautiful e-cards.


Cartoon style and a bit of fun bring together the variety of greetings you can send for Father’s Day with MyFunCards. Wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day with an e-card that is sure to bring a smile to his face.

There’s nothing ordinary about your dad, so the greeting card he gets from you on Father’s Day should also be unconventional. Check out animated postcards at You will find the right card to tell your father what he means to you.

When hot dogs play music and donuts sing along; if the steaks sing country and the beer sings, it must be Father’s Day. has these eccentric e-cards and others on offer for smiling belly-style dads.

The quirky and cute Father’s Day e-cards from the original are sure to please. The collection of natural and funny funny themes offers something to suit every father’s personality.

Rubber Chicken Cards

The name of the company Rubber Chicken tells you what to expect – funny, irreverent, sometimes deviant Father’s Day cards that stand out from other e-cards he gets. If he has a sense of humor, stop by Rubber Chicken Cards to send a card he won’t soon forget.

sloppy kiss

If your dad has a dog as his best friend, he’ll appreciate the Weak Kisses Father’s Day eCard and the cute dogs featured on it. Let him know that you care about him, or that your dog – his granddaughter – cares about him.

Isn’t your father a dog lover? Sloppy Kiss Cards has cat themed Father’s Day ecards for dads who prefer cats.

Deepest Feelings

Most Deepest Feelings Father’s Day e-cards are touching. They are very customer oriented. In most cases, you can change the font, font size, color, or background. Make your dad feel special by sending one of these heartfelt and heartfelt ecards.

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