Best Free Microsoft Word Templates for Thanksgiving

  1. Make Turkey Day Easier with Free and Editable Thanksgiving Templates
  2. How To Get These Free Thanksgiving Templates
  3. Greeting card template for invitations or recipes
  4. Friendship Invitation Flyer Template
  5. Friends Registration Template
  6. Classic Thanksgiving Menu Template
  7. Elegant Thanksgiving Menu Template
  8. Thanksgiving green template
  9. Merry turkey thanksgiving card template
  10. Fall Harvest Celebration Template
  11. Traditional Thanksgiving Menu Template
  12. Not Exactly Thanksgiving – Christmas Gift Shopping List Template

Make Turkey Day Easier with Free and Editable Thanksgiving Templates

Whether you’re looking for an elegant holiday or an easy, carefree Thanksgiving, these free Microsoft Word templates can help you get ready.

These ready-to-use tools can really save the day when it comes to invitations, decorations, menus, and more.

Don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or have any other harvesting event or project? Microsoft also has some great fall and fall templates.

How To Get These Free Thanksgiving Templates

Unlike other templates that can be downloaded, these are available directly in Microsoft Word.

To find these templates, open a blank or existing Word document and go to File New † Then find the template as described below, click on it and then select To create to open it in Word.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the templates below, you can try searching online for a suitable template. Downloadable Microsoft Word templates can greatly enhance your options.

Greeting card template for invitations or recipes

If your celebration is all about picking fruits and vegetables, let them know with this free, printable Thanksgiving card template for Microsoft Word. You can use it as an invitation or print out your favorite recipes to share.

This card will print two pages and will remain blank unless you add a message.

Find this free Thanksgiving Word Template by searching for it thank you cards

Friendship Invitation Flyer Template

Why keep it all to yourself?! Invite everyone you know to check out the game and share these awesome Thanksgiving extras with this printable Microsoft Word invite invitation template in Microsoft Word.

This template prints one full color invitation per page.

To find this template, search Word for the word flyer for friends

Friends Registration Template

The fun Friendsgiving event is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s even better if it’s a failure too. Challenge your friends to bring a meal of their choice with this Thanksgiving Friend Registration Template.

This template prints one registration list per sheet.

Find this free Thanksgiving word template by searching for it register friends

Classic Thanksgiving Menu Template

Give your Thanksgiving guests an elegant Thanksgiving menu with this simple, classic Thanksgiving menu template for Microsoft Word.

This template can be linked to an invitation template.

Find this Thanksgiving menu template and others by searching Thanksgiving menu

Elegant Thanksgiving Menu Template

This printable, elegant Microsoft Word Thanksgiving menu template is designed for those planning a more formal Thanksgiving dinner. Bold colors and classic fonts really make this invite stand out.

This template prints one menu per page.

Usage . to find it elegant Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving green template

Thanksgiving is a hectic time. Stay organized and prepared with this printable Thanksgiving checklist for Microsoft Word.

It is bright green and will help you keep track of your tasks the day before and during Thanksgiving.

This template prints four checklists per page: two weeks before, one week before, 1-2 days before, and Thanksgiving.

You can download this free Thanksgiving Word Template by searching for green Thanksgiving checklist

Merry turkey thanksgiving card template

This printable Happy Turkey Word Greeting Card Template is just what you need to share a little Thanksgiving love with friends and family you won’t be seeing this season.

This template prints two cards per page.

Find happy turkey to find this free Thanksgiving template.

Fall Harvest Celebration Template

If you need a Thanksgiving Flyer for the season, this Fall Harvest Printable Flyer Template is a great way to invite friends and family to celebrate the season with you.

The template features colorful scarecrows and pumpkins and can be customized with a description of your event.

This template will print as a single-sided page.

Download this free template in Word by searching for it autumn harvest

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu Template

The traditional Microsoft Word printable Thanksgiving menu template is a darker theme than most of the templates shown here, but it offers a great option for those who want to combine whimsy with elegance.

This template is printed in landscape orientation for a pull-out or two-column menu.

Find a word for traditional thanksgiving to find this free template.

Not Exactly Thanksgiving – Christmas Gift Shopping List Template

Black Friday is technically a day after Thanksgiving, but this Christmas gift shopping list template for Microsoft Word is a must-have before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

Collect gift ideas, sizes, prices and more information for your Black Friday purchases while enjoying your Thanksgiving gathering.

This template is printed single-sided on one page.

You will find this template in MS Word when you search christmas gift shopping list

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