Best Free Online Word Processors in 2019

Online word processors are a great alternative to a traditional word processor that you have to buy, install on your computer, and wait for it to download and open your document. The online word processors below are free, easy to use and start up quickly.

We found some great free word processors and compiled them into the list below. These are the best online word processors and whatever function you are looking for, from the options below you will find the online word processor that suits you best.

If you need a word processor that can do a little more, consider downloading free word processing software. We also maintain a list of free alternatives to Microsoft Office if you’re looking for more than just a word processor.

Many of these free online word processors let you use free Word templates to create professional documents in your online word processor.

  1. Google Docs
  2. What do we like?
  3. What we don’t like
  4. Zoo Writer
  5. What do we like?
  6. What we don’t like
  7. ONLY OFFICE Personal
  8. What do we like?
  9. What we don’t like
  10. Microsoft Word Online
  11. What do we like?
  12. What we don’t like
  13. Quiet writer online
  14. What do we like?
  15. What we don’t like
  16. Thinkfree Office Word Web
  17. What do we like?
  18. What we don’t like

Google Docs

What do we like?

  • Cloud based.

  • Available from multiple devices.

  • Google Script Automation.

  • Converts Word documents.

What we don’t like

  • Limited features compared to Microsoft Word.

  • Limited space.

  • Google account required.

If you’re looking for a free online text editor that’s most similar to a traditional word processor like Microsoft Word, you should check out the popular Google Docs.

With Google Docs, you can create, edit, and collaborate on documents quickly and easily, knowing you can access them anytime, anywhere. There are many editing options available and with Google Docs you won’t miss Microsoft Office once.

While this word processor is completely free, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have features; You can insert images, tables, comments, and special characters, as well as headers and footers, bookmarks, and a table of contents. You can even type with just your voice!

In addition to creating your own documents online, Google’s online word processor also allows you to edit documents that reside on your computer (such as DOCX files) by simply uploading them to Google Docs.

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Zoo Writer

What do we like?

  • Lots of collaboration tools.

  • Available offline.

  • Includes version control.

What we don’t like

  • Difficult to organize files.

  • No spell check.

  • Less functionality than Microsoft Word.

Like Google Docs, Zoho Writer is an online word processor that is incredibly easy to use, yet has all the bells and whistles of a traditional word processor.

You can easily create and edit documents with this free online text editor. Spell check is enabled, documents are saved automatically, you can see previous changes made to the document and you can upload MS Word files and save Zoho Writer documents on your computer in popular formats like PDF and DOCX.

The uniqueness of this online text editor is the ability to chat in Zoho Writer while working on a document.

Signing up to Zoho Writer is very easy if you already have a Google, Yahoo!, Facebook or Twitter account.

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What do we like?

  • Intuitive to use.

  • Many add-ons available.

  • Easily add images and formatting.

What we don’t like

  • It is difficult to import documents from other products.

  • Limited documentation.

  • Some features may contain bugs.

Sign in with your Google or Facebook account and get instant access to ONLYOFFICE Personal, a free online word processor.

You can upload existing DOCX files from your computer, as well as from websites such as Google Drive, Zoho, Box, and OneDrive. Documents can be saved back to your computer

This word processor looks very nice, has many useful functions, can import various objects (diagrams, images, tables, shapes, etc.) and allows you to edit together and communicate with other people, even with the public, meaning they don’t need to log into their account to work with you. The document can be made read-only or with full access rights.

One feature worth mentioning is the ability to restore older versions of documents, so you can undo changes that another user may have made.

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Microsoft Word Online

What do we like?

  • Edit Word documents for free.

  • The interface is similar to the desktop application.

  • Provides real-time collaboration.

  • Integrates with Skype.

What we don’t like

  • Lots of missing features.

  • There is no free offline option.

  • There is no support for many file formats.

Word Online is Microsoft’s online word processor, a stripped-down version of the popular Microsoft Word.

You can open documents that you have stored in your OneNote online account or use the download button in Word Online to upload the file directly to the website.

It saves your documents automatically and there are tons of editing options like adding tables, headers and footers, images and basically anything you can do with a regular word processor.

You can also easily share the document with others and download a copy of the file to your computer in DOCX, PDF, or ODT format.

Visit Microsoft Word Online

Quiet writer online

What do we like?

  • Simple and clear interface.

  • Focus Mode shows you what you’re working on.

  • Automatically saves files.

What we don’t like

  • Very limited options.

  • No documentation available

Calmly Writer Online is unique in that it seems to lack all the bells and whistles of a regular word processor, but there’s actually a lot going on in the background. The simplicity of the program allows you to focus on what really matters: your words.

At the top of the workspace is a menu button where you can create a new document, open an existing document (from your computer or Google Drive), save the document (in TXT, HTM, or DOCX), insert images, go to full screen switch mode, print and change settings .

With some options to play with, you can darken your workspace, adjust text width and size, and more.

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Thinkfree Office Word Web

What do we like?

  • Advanced features are available.

  • Simple.

  • Multi-device applications.

What we don’t like

  • Bad template choice.

  • It is difficult to work with macros.

  • There are not many add-ons available.

Thinkfree Office Word Web is a robust free online word processor that allows you to edit existing MS Word documents, create new documents or use templates, and save the document offline as Word or PDF.

There are many common text editors in this editor. You can add shapes, images, tables, text boxes, symbols, headers and footers, page numbers, hyperlinks, etc. This online word processor also supports bookmarks, page options settings and more.

Visit Thinkfree Office Word Web

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