Best Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Templates

Launch your personal and business projects with this gallery of the best Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates, including time management charts, budget planning, vacation planning, and more. You don’t have to start creating spreadsheets from scratch with these easy-to-use templates that make you look like an expert.

Remark † The information in this article applies to Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 365, and Excel Online.

  1. Organize your time
  2. wedding budget planner
  3. College and personal budget
  4. Camping checklist
  5. Lawn and garden budget
  6. Travel and leisure planning
  7. Organization timeline
  8. Papers and Index Cards
  9. family tree template
  10. Maintenance schedule

Organize your time

While businesses can use calendar templates, calendar templates are also useful for personal, family, or school purposes. The family calendar template for Excel contains a lot of information. In addition, the annual business calendar template for Excel can be updated to any year by selecting the drop-down list in the spreadsheet.

Looking for a download link? These templates are built into Excel. To open a template, select File New † If you can’t find the template, enter a description in the search field.

wedding budget planner

The wedding budget planner template for Excel works for any type of event that requires similar planning. Family reunions, corporate reunions, fundraisers, and celebrations are examples of alternative ways to use this adaptive planning tool to host your next event.

College and personal budget

The college or personal budget templates for Excel are visually different but have similar goals. These templates can also be used to determine your expenses when you move into a new apartment or house, whether you are a student or not. View the Personal Budget Template or the College Budget Template for Excel.

Camping checklist

Don’t forget the essentials on your next trip to the great outdoors with this camping checklist template for Excel. This type of list is also useful when preparing the inventory for your home.

Lawn and garden budget

If your green thumb tends to drain the green of your wallet, use the Lawn and Garden Budget Template for Excel. Calculate your costs per installation and per delivery category. The attached pie chart shows your costs for these projects.

Travel and leisure planning

These trip planning templates for Excel make it easy to organize your next adventure. The family travel itinerary template can be customized to fit important travel information onto one simple sheet. Don’t let the name hold you back if you’re planning a business trip or traveling alone.

Organization timeline

Timeline templates help individuals and teams stay organized. Looking for a longer-term event program? Sample Timeline for Excel has great potential for school reports, plans, company histories, and magazines.

The staff roster template for Excel is easy to read and contains detailed information about multiple people. This template can also be used for organizing volunteer and school activities.

Papers and Index Cards

Let the Graph Paper Excel Template come to your rescue the next time you need a sheet, two or 100. This template is great for math teachers and students. And it can be used for interior design plans. A 1/4″ square equals 1 foot in your room. Let the measuring begin!

family tree template

Use a template for Excel to plot multiple generations or events. Also use this template to record bracketed scores for sports or other competitions. Excel isn’t just about reducing numbers, it’s about keeping track of your family.

Maintenance schedule

These maintenance schedule templates automate tasks that need to be performed periodically, but can be forgotten due to their rarity. This image shows a vehicle registration and service log that can be printed for Excel. You may also be interested in Home Maintenance Schedule for Excel.

Looking for more built-in templates? Check out some great sites with hundreds of free Excel templates.

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