Best Microsoft Word time savers

  1. Office Hacks You’ll Want to Bookmark
  2. Accurately select text
  3. Easily insert a page break
  4. Repeat your last step
  5. Format Painter
  6. Copy multiple items
  7. Try it!

Office Hacks You’ll Want to Bookmark

As someone who has spent over a decade and a half as a power user and trainer of Microsoft Word, I’ve found several shortcuts and time savers that I can’t live without. This is the easiest way to highlight text, insert a page break, repeat the previous step, copy and paste formatting, and use the clipboard to copy multiple items.

These tricks allow me to focus on my content instead of going through complex steps or wasting time on mouse clicks. Even if you know how to do these tasks, you may not know the easiest way. Following these simple tricks will save you time and clicks while working in Word.

Accurately select text

Most users know how to select text by clicking and dragging. This leads to problems. Either the screen scrolls too fast, so you select too much text and start over, or you miss part of a word or phrase.

Select a word by double clicking on the word. To select an entire sentence, press the CTRL key on your keyboard and click anywhere in the sentence.

Triple-click in a paragraph to select the entire paragraph. You can also hold down the Shift key and then press the up or down arrows to select entire lines of text. To select the entire document, press CTRL+A or triple-click in the left margin.

Easily insert a page break

A page break tells Word when to move text to the next page. You can have Word automatically insert page breaks, but from time to time you may want to move the break. I usually manually insert page breaks when I want to start a new section or paragraph on the next page; this prevents it from being split into two pages. The easiest way to do this is to press CTRL + Enter.

Repeat your last step

Sometimes you perform a task, such as inserting or deleting a row in a table, or setting complex formatting through the Font window, and realize that you need to perform the same step several times. Pressing F4 will repeat your last step. If the last step was clicking “OK”, the selected options will be applied. If your last step was bold, F4 would repeat that.

Format Painter

The Painter format has the least used yet most useful tool in Word. The Painter format can be found on the Home tab under the Clipboard section. It copies the size of the selected text and pastes it wherever you want.

To copy a format, click anywhere in the text to which the format applies. Click the Format Painter icon once to apply the text once. Double click the “Format Editor” to paste the format into multiple elements. Click on the text to be resized. To disable the format painter, press ESC on your keyboard or press the format painter again.

Copy multiple items

Copying and pasting can be a common task in Word; however, not everyone knows that you can copy up to 24 items to the clipboard.

Many users will copy something from say another document and then switch to the current document and paste the element. If a lot of information is copied, this method becomes tedious.

Instead of constantly switching between documents or programs, try copying up to 24 items in one place and then swapping and pasting information.

The default clipboard appears after you copy two items; however, you can change this by clicking the Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard panel.

To paste the collected data, click where you want to paste the item. Then click on the item on the clipboard. You can also click the Paste All button at the top of the clipboard to paste all items.

Try it!

It’s amazing how combining different time-saving variants can make your work with texts easier. Try the new tip for a few weeks to make it a habit, then use the next one. These 5 time savers will be part of your text repertoire in no time!

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