Best Mother’s Day or Print Templates from Microsoft

  1. Show her you care with a personalized card straight from the heart
  2. Customizable Mother’s Day Coupons
  3. Spring flowers for Mother’s Day
  4. party flower menu
  5. Postcard “Colorful Rainbow Umbrella”
  6. Mother’s Day Certificate
  7. Mother’s Day card for your wife
  8. Mother’s Day card with poppies
  9. George Eliot’s Poem Card

Show her you care with a personalized card straight from the heart

Mother’s Day gives you the opportunity once a year to celebrate the special woman who raised you. Do you want to make a personal message especially for her – or have you forgotten it and you don’t have enough time! – Microsoft has provided you with a selection of beautiful templates for Word and Publisher.

These templates work in modern versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher, including versions for Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, and Office365. The templates work for both Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Office.

To use a template, click New and use the search box to find templates based on keywords. You no longer need to visit the dedicated site template.

Customizable Mother’s Day Coupons

This template includes a to-do list, many of which are great ideas so you don’t have to start from scratch. Of course, you can change as many different tasks as you want. Find a template to get started birthday coupons

Spring flowers for Mother’s Day

This quarter-fold card doesn’t require double-sided printing: once you’ve customized the inside message, simply print it and fold it twice for a 5.5 x 4.25-inch card that sparkles with pastel spring colors.

This Publisher template offers plenty of room inside so you’re not limited to a small box to share your feelings with Mom.

party flower menu

Use a template festive menu (floral design) for Publisher to generate a simple menu that would be great for printing dishes for Mother’s Day brunch, or even a “menu” of fun things to do with or for your mom that day. The simple array of colors in the bottom corner won’t take up too much space, so you can make as many as you want.

Postcard “Colorful Rainbow Umbrella”

Thanking your mom or your female role model adds a touch of class, so mix it up with something like a printable template this year. thank you cards (with umbrella) for Microsoft Publishing.

While this template wasn’t created specifically for Mother’s Day, the non-stereotypical simplicity of this card will help you work with women outside of your family. As with most templates, the text on the inside and outside of the card is editable so you can articulate some of your favorite memories of how your favorite shapes have helped you.

Mother’s Day Certificate

Use a template best certificate in the world either in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher to create a worthy feast for your mother or grandmother. The template has bright stars and swirls framing a simple message, as well as space for your signature.

Mother’s Day card for your wife

Husbands, show your wife some love by making a beautiful folding card. This Microsoft Word template features a subtle pink background that would look great on a color laser printer.

Don’t just type your name in the text box Spouse’s Name. Instead, remove the box and sign the card in ink.

Mother’s Day card with poppies

The design of this card features a quote from Kate Douglas Wiggin, making it perfect if you think you can’t find your own words to say to your mom. The map is self-contained, but you can customize it.

Since the inner background of the card is a medium salmon color, consider signing it with a metal pen or marker to make your name stand out.

George Eliot’s Poem Card

Make it poetic with this beautiful Mother’s Day template for Microsoft Word, featuring words from George Eliot’s poem, “Life started with waking up and loving my mom’s face.”

If your printer supports it, consider using heavier paper to slightly increase the load on your card or document.

Check out Microsoft’s “Best Father’s Day” templates or “Best Microsoft Templates for Parents and Families” for more inspiration.

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