Best USB-C 100W Chargers to Buy Now

There is an abundance of 100W chargers on the market, and many of them have multiple ports, giving them the ability to charge a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many more. In recent years, carbon nitrite (GaN) technology has led to powerful chargers that are significantly smaller in size compared to silicon-based alternatives. These chargers also have a high energy label, so you can charge laptops and other devices that test a higher input.

In a medium-sized home, different devices seem to be charged every day. For those who are always on the go, having to charge separate chargers for each of their devices can be irritating. One solution is to get a multi-door charger, which, as the name suggests, can charge multiple devices at once. Most high-capacity chargers offer a combination of USB-A and USB-C ports, making the devices versatile.

One of the best 100W USB-C chargers on the market today is the InfinityLAB InstantCharger 100W. If the name InfinityLAB doesn’t sound like a name, it’s not surprising, considering the brand hasn’t even been around for a year yet. InfinityLAB, launched in September 2021, is a sister company of Infinity, a subsidiary of Harman known for its audio products. InfinityLAB’s product line includes portable chargers and batteries, and the US$79.95 InstantCharger 100W is the industry’s first four-door charger. It has two USB-C ports (up to 100W) and two USB-A ports (up to 15W). The GaN charger can charge the MacBook Pro in 16 tiers along with several other devices. The cross-feed pines (US, EU and UK pines included in the box) offer an advantage over other carriers, making it an ideal option for frequent travelers.

Another great USB-C charger is the Anker Nano II 100W, also known as the Anker 736. This portable GaN charger has three ports – two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port, allowing users to use three devices. can load at the same time. While it can deliver up to 100W from any USB-C port, it can also automatically detect the connected device and deliver maximum supported power. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have replacement power plugs, but the pins are handy, making it easier to turn on in the bag or in the bag. The Anker 736 Charger is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone 13 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, and is still able to charge energy-efficient devices such as headphones and smartwatches. The charger comes priced at US$75.99 and is available in options of clean and white cores, both stainless steel and corrosion resistant.

Here, with a lower order, you can get the equally impressive Baseus GaN2 Pro fast charger that officially costs US$54.99, but at least sells depending on the seller. The charger uses GaN 2 technology like the Anker and has four ports like the InstantCharger 100W. Both USB-C ports can produce 100W when a single device, such as a MacBook Pro, is connected, as long as each USB-A port has a maximum potential of 60W. The Baseus GaN2 Pro fast charger can also support various fast charging protocols, including Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 4+, SCP, FCP, AFC and Apple 2.4. It allows compatibility with many Android phones, including Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi, as well as older iPhones and iPads that use Apple’s old fast-charging protocol. Baseus also claims that it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Another advantage over the other two is that it comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable in the box.

Despite their differences, all three chargers have strengths – the InfintyLab InstantCharger 100W is the ideal school for travelers who want a device that works in different countries, the Anker Nano II 100W is designed for anyone with a small 100W charger and Baseus GaN2 Pro Fast carrier it’s ideal for anyone who wants the best bang for their buck.

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