Beware of these rogue Mac applications

esta Apple computer The App Store supposedly has some questionable applications that levy exorbitant registration taxes from unsuspecting users. While Windows and Android are often infected with various forms of malware, the App Store is not as clean and reliable as Apple would have users believe. Reports have surfaced repeatedly about the prevalence of unsolicited applications on the platform, and Apple is not always quick to remove them.

In recent years, there has been an increase in global cybercrime, including phishing attacks, ransomware, spyware and cryptography. Many of these are related to fake applications that target undisclosed users. Earlier this month, Google removed six fake antivirus apps for Android from the Play Store to fight the dangerous ‘Sharkbot’ banking malware. Now, with reports of rogue apps in the Mac App Store, Apple has a lot on its hands.

Owned by the developer Kosta Eleftheriou Certo An obscure Mac application that disables the “Sair” option in the Mac menu bar, preventing users from sairing without paying a subscription fee. to publish About an app called “My Metronome,” which calls it “ransomware” and claims it doesn’t appear to be judging Apple. Following the complaint, Eleftheriou verified the application in question and found that Vacchi’s claims were largely correct. Since then, Apple has apparently removed the app from the App Store as it is no more accessible than the original link.

After Eleftheriou’s investigation, developer Jeff Johnson also analyzed the issue and established Music Paradise LLC, the developer behind My Metronome, has a Russian name. Also, another Mac developer called Groove Vibes is registered at the same address and also offers applications with similar suspicious credentials. Once a connection is established between the two designated developers, beira Experiment with downloading and installing applications offered by both. This includes the second Music Paradise app, “Music Paradise Player”, and all the apps offered by Groove Vibes.

However, some of Groove Vibes’ apps work as expected, allowing users to use the “Sair” option in the menu bar and the Command + Q keyboard layout. However, the developer and some other applications in the Music Paradise music player application show the same properties as “My Metronome”, with the “Sair” option in the menu bar disabled and the hotkey disabled to prevent them from being used. force applications. Meanwhile, users can still close the application using the “X” button in the application window or other links in the application.

None of the above applications are real ransomware as they do not completely block the machine. However, the way they work is incredible and Apple needs to fix the situation and condemn these hackers to restore trust in the Mac App Store. Apple computer The App Store is in full daylight.

source: Kosta Eleftheriou / TwitterEduardo Vacchi/TwitterJeff Johnson/Twitterbeira

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