Blank Envelope Templates For Crafting

  1. Download, print, decorate and fold these blank envelope templates
  2. Envelope 2 x 2″ Petal
  3. Mini Envelope 2.75″ x 2.75″
  4. Artist Collectible Card or Gift Card Envelope
  5. Artist business card envelope
  6. CD Envelope Template
  7. CD Template
  8. Envelope for coins
  9. CooknSee Envelope Template
  10. Curved Envelope – Small
  11. curved envelope
  12. DVD envelope
  13. Easy Fold Seed Envelope
  14. Sandboard Envelope
  15. Block Envelope Template
  16. Free JersGirl Templates
  17. Mel Stampz Envelope Templates
  18. One Heart…One Mind Envelope Templates
  19. Bag, Label and Envelope Templates
  20. pocket envelope
  21. Stamp Envelope Template
  22. Wallet Envelope
  23. US Money Holder Envelope Template
  24. View all free envelope templates:

Download, print, decorate and fold these blank envelope templates

These envelope templates are for all kinds of fancy, fancy or creative envelopes for cards and crafts. Decorate them with our favorite graphics software or print them on scrapbook paper and decorate with traditional crafting techniques.

Envelope 2 x 2″ Petal

From Nature’s Corridor, this is a hand-drawn mini envelope template.

Mini Envelope 2.75″ x 2.75″

This Nature’s Corridor hand-drawn envelope template features curved flaps.

Artist Collectible Card or Gift Card Envelope

From Mirkwood Designs, print, cut and fold as described in the template.

Artist business card envelope

Mary Beth Cryan provides this very simple template along with an example of how to decorate it.

CD Envelope Template

Print a 5×5 envelope to store the CD in. Template by Mirkwood Designs.

CD Template

At BubblyBabs on Fractal Fairy, follow the instructions for printing and folding this simple CD case.

Envelope for coins

From Chia’s Rubber Stamp Art, this is a 2.5 by 3.5 inch envelope.

CooknSee Envelope Template

I don’t know why the cooking site has this, but it’s a simple, simple envelope template. Dimensions are not specified.

Curved Envelope – Small

From Enchanted Learning, this is a small envelope with curved flaps.

curved envelope

This template produces a very simple envelope with almost semi-circular flaps. It’s from Enchanted Educational Software.

DVD envelope

cmc2stamp has provided a tutorial and template for the DVD envelope. These are XLS and DOC files.

Easy Fold Seed Envelope

In addition to the detailed discussion of seed bags, there are 4 seed bag templates, both blank and decorated.

Sandboard Envelope

These super thin envelopes are designed to hold sanding boards, but you can also use them for other thin items. Published by Stampington & Company.

Block Envelope Template

From Mirkwood Designs, this envelope requires no glue. Depending on the type of paper, you may get interesting patterns when folding.

Free JersGirl Templates

There are many simple templates for wrappers, cards, labels, and more. There are envelope templates for regular cards, money and gift cards, one in each column. Also a seed pack template (an envelope with seeds) and a soup pack, as well as a few envy cards scattered around the list.

Mel Stampz Envelope Templates

Various links (scroll down) to PDF files for envelopes of various sizes. Each template is a simple drawing with dimensions and edging instructions. There are 3 mini envelopes, 3 standard/large envelopes and a template to make different sizes of mini pockets and square mini envelopes.

One Heart…One Mind Envelope Templates

These are educational PDF sheets with basic templates for rectangles, squares, petals and other styles of envelopes and cards.

Bag, Label and Envelope Templates

There are several hand-drawn templates and detailed, illustrated instructions for creating these envelope designs from Jen Lowe Designs.

pocket envelope

There is an envelope template with illustrated instructions for making a cute wallet to give as a gift or to use in scrapbooks, crafts and other projects. From the life of Vic.

Stamp Envelope Template

This mini envelope from Mirkwood Designs contains stamps or other small items. Print, cut and fold as indicated on the template.

Wallet Envelope

This fun envelope is great for scrapbooks or other projects. Print, cut and fold according to the instructions. Use with scrapbook paper, add stamping. Take the card inside. There is a GIF and PDF version.

US Money Holder Envelope Template

There are three versions, including one with an offset scoop for the newer US paper money.

View all free envelope templates:

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