Block a sender in Zoho Mail

  1. Block or filter messages from unwanted senders and domains
  2. Blacklist sender or domain in Zoho Mail
  3. Use message filters to remove spam

Block or filter messages from unwanted senders and domains

A newsletter that you just can’t unsubscribe from and a weird radio station that keeps sending you emails in a language the online translator doesn’t recognize are delivery inconveniences that you can ignore and remove. However, there are many reasons to block senders and you can clear your inbox by blocking them instead of wasting time deleting their emails.

There are two ways to block senders in Zoho Mail. You can set a filter based on an existing message or put the sender’s address or the entire domain on Zoho Mail’s blocked senders list.

Blacklist sender or domain in Zoho Mail

To have Zoho Mail automatically delete messages from a specific sender or the entire domain:

  1. Follow this link Settings in ZohoMail.

  2. Go to category Email Settings

  3. To search Anti spam

  4. Click Blacklisted email addresses

  5. Then, on the Anti-Spam Lists page, enter your email address (for example, [email protected]) in the section Black list columns E-mail address. Alternatively, to block email from an entire domain, enter the domain name ( you want to block under Black list columns Domains.

  6. Press the button or key Input to add an address or domain to the list.

Use message filters to remove spam

You can also set a filter that automatically deletes the sender’s messages:

  1. Open a message from an unwanted sender.

  2. Click on the arrow Additional promotions in the top right corner of the message.

  3. Move the mouse pointer over . in the menu that opens Add to

  4. Select Filters in the menu that opens.

  5. Select the criteria you want to use for the filter. (In the example above, we left for Condition Type: meaning Any of these conditions † Than in requirements have moved Subject condition: left condition By as is and condition removed To CC † Then we go to Action meaning Delete email (Trash) and select an option Do not process other filters.

  6. Click Save

  7. Your filter will be set and the next time an email arrives from this sender, it will be automatically deleted (if you use the same settings as in the example).

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