Bookmark a label, search, or message in Gmail

Gmail includes a tagging system that gives you even more control over how your incoming messages are organized than just putting messages in folders. And you can take them one step further by combining them with an option already available in your browser: bookmarks.

Bookmarks can sort labels, folders, and messages. You can also save your Gmail search results and do everything you’ve bookmarked with just one click. Here’s how to use them to make your Gmail experience easier.

Bookmark a shortcut, folder, search or message

To bookmark a mailbox, label, search, or message in Gmail:

  1. Open the desired message, label, or folder, or search for the one you want to save.

  2. Bookmark the page by going to the section Bookmarks > Add Bookmark in your browser.

    Shortcut for adding a bookmark: Command-D on Mac and ctrl-d on Windows. Chrome also has a star icon in the address bar where you can add a bookmark directly.

  3. Name and save the bookmark. You can put it in your browser’s favorites bar to make it available at any time.

Try Gmail macros to quickly load labels into Gmail.

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