Harvesting hay for the winter is a common problem for farm animal owners. The amount of feed required is quite large, especially when owners have several cows. If earlier, farmers had only one way to prepare for the offseason – to spend several days from morning to evening waving a scythe. This work is hard and few people are happy. Today, electric and gasoline tools have appeared on sale, thanks to which it has become possible to mechanize haymaking, making it easier and faster. It remains only to decide on the type of device and the quality of the final result.

About cropping

The question of whether it is possible to mow grass for animal feed with a mower is definitely impossible to answer, since the answer options depend on the ultimate goal of mowing vegetation. Initially, you need to dwell on the device and purpose of such products. They consist of a motor, a frame, a cutting mechanism itself. It is a reel on which a fishing line of different thicknesses and section shapes is wound.

During the spinning process, which occurs at high speed, the fishing line first cuts the grass close to the ground, and then grinds it into small fragments. It is clear that such a substance is not suitable for harvesting and long-term storage, since it will rot in a few days.

But, there is another aspect. Chopped fresh vegetation will appeal to all grass-eating animals. It can be rabbits, large and small cattle, which for some reason cannot go to pasture. This is where the brushcutter becomes useful as a quick and easy harvester. Another advantage is that they can work even during the day after the dew has dried, when a manual scythe becomes practically useless.

What is the best way to mow grass for animal feed?

While mowers are best used for cultivating the site, a lawnmower is better suited for harvesting hay in large volumes. To be sure to cope with large tasks, you should choose professional tools with a power of 3 kW or more with a set of nozzles. Replaceable parts differ in the number of blades, teeth on the discs and, accordingly, in their purpose. By changing the nozzles, the farmer can mow hard young grass, clean the area of ​​weeds, shrubs and even young trees. It is recommended to purchase universal models suitable for installing knives and fishing line. With such a device, it is possible to cultivate the yard and harvest hay without damaging the grass stems.