Can Musk Resign From Twitter? But more importantly, should he?

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk is all set to buy Twitter, with the US$44 billion deal set to close soon, but will it be able to crack at the last minute and, more importantly, have Musk to leave? Musk offered to pay US$54.20 per opportunity to buy Twitter and has since presented a plan to fund the deal with banking and personal real estate companies, including the sale of his Tesla stock. The Twitter council approved Musk’s offer to buy, but not before trying to adopt the so-called “veneno pill” strategy to frustrate the hostile takeover attempt.

The drama began to pay off when Musk acquired a 9.2% stake in Twitter in early April and then offered to buy the company for $44 billion. Despite the generous offer, the richest man in the world knew that Twitter’s administration could not accept his offer to buy and accepted it in an interview. However, despite initial resilience, the Twitter council has already accepted the offer and the company is now in the process of closing. By the way, both parties have a signage clause, so Musk should activate it and stop buying Twitter when he can?

The major agreement between Twitter and Elon Musk includes a signing clause that allows both parties to withdraw from the agreement even while it is finalized. However, in accordance with the agreement, a US $1 billion bailout tax will be applied to all parties that opt ​​out of the agreement during the closing process. This means Musk will pay him $1 billion on Twitter if he decides not to go through with the purchase, and vice versa, Twitter will pay him the same amount in cash if the deal is reached. However, if any of the parts can be repaired at any time, that would be a huge expense. However, analysts say the soma isn’t too high for Musk or Twitter, suggesting there’s still a chance the sale isn’t close.

Musk insists it assumes Twitter promotes free speech, which he says is the highest on the platform devoted to corporate moderation policies against disinformation and audio speech. According to Musk, Twitter has become a favorite place for the world and everyone has their opinion on the platform, no matter how shameful it is to share their opinion. However, many critics and Twitter users say Musk’s relentless stance on content moderation could degenerate the platform into a toxic hell of audio information and speech.

Despite the concerns of pessimists on all fronts, freedom of expression is the foundation of any democracy. Musk promises to allow unlimited free speech on the platform, and if he succeeds, it will contribute to more fiery debates with ideologues and thinkers of all parties who can do what they think is the point of the site. to be removed. Of course there will also be extremists, intolerants and conspiracy theorists, but that shouldn’t stop ordinary users from arguing closely with their point of view.

Many have expressed concern that Musk respects the security measures the company has implemented to avoid extremist audio and content discourse, he should simply ignore the world’s final prophets and proceed with the purchase. He’s unlikely to make Twitter a more admirable place, but that’s not his job. As Twitter reaches its destiny as the global stronghold of free speech, Elon Musk you do your job as the owner of the largest microblogging platform in the world.

Source: SEC

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