Capturing dust on Galaxy A53 5G: all the things you need to know

O Samsung The Galaxy A53 5G can handle practically all devices, but how can it – including the ability to quickly capture dust. Today’s economical/accessible telephones are comparable to motorists. They can all run the same applications, have many of the same software sources, and share many identical specifications. Of course you have to make some compromises here and there, but you won’t be left out question too much to buy a phone for US$500 instead of US$1,000.

A good example of this is the Galaxy A53 5G. The A53 isn’t as expensive as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy S22 Ultra, but with an initial price of US$449 it is significantly more accessible. And the specs you get for that price are definitely good! The A53 5G has a 6.5-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, 128GB of expandable storage, a 64MP rear camera, and a 5000mAh battery (just to name a few highlights). It also comes with Android 12 and Samsung’s One UI 4.1 interface – the same one found on many more Samsung devices.

This identification software allows the Galaxy A53 5G to work more like its siblings than Samsung. Get a robust theme mechanism, Link support for Windows, Bixby, etc. Also in the A53 software are robust tools to make a dust recording. Like most Android phones, the easiest way to capture images on the Galaxy A53 is to use your hardware buttons. Simultaneously press the league/drop buttons + decrease the volume and wait for the fish to sink. It’s this! You can tap the dust shot view to edit or exclude it, or you can expect the view to turn off and automatically save the dust shot to your Gallery application.

Like other Samsung phones, this is not the only way to do dust shots on the Galaxy A53 5G. Another option is to take dust shots with a gesture of unscrewing the palm. To enable it:

  • Open the Configurations application.
  • Tap “Advanced Resources.”
  • Tap “Movements & Gestures.”
  • Tap the alternative next to “Expand the palm to capture” (it’s still not activated).

It works exactly as the name implies. Pick up the tip of your hand, pull it through the fabric and a piece of fabric will be caught. Embora seems to have a good idea on paper, it’s almost like the gesture is a bit cunning. Sometimes it works well while other times the tension gesture is used after capturing the fabric.

If you prefer to take dust shots with buttons or remove the palm of your hand, the A53 also lets you customize the look of your dust shots. On the “Advanced Resources” page in the Configurations application, click “Fabric Captures and Fabric Recorder”. Here you will find an infinite number of settings to adjust. You can enable/disable the dust image visualization toolbar, activate an automatic exclusion source, choose to hide/show the status and navigation bars on dust images, and resize to JPG or PNG. Keep these things in mind, stick with all the tools available and you will be one Samsung Galaxy A53 screenshot for a while.

Source: Samsung

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