The price of gasoline continues to rise. The question of its preservation does not lose its relevance. Design offices offer author’s inventions: fuel activators and ozonizers for internal combustion engines. Most car owners do not trust advertisements. But some, having tried, share reviews on the Internet. This article presents the main points of view on the use of ozone generators.

Expert opinion

Manufacturers claim that the installation of ozonation devices has a beneficial effect on the performance of internal combustion engines. After budget tuning and modernization of the car, the following effects can be observed:

  • under the influence of ozonators, hydrocarbon fuel, regardless of its octane rating, begins to be spent more economically, as it burns out completely;
  • increases the dynamics and acceleration of the car;
  • harmful emissions into the atmosphere are reduced by 40%;
  • the use of ozonators has a beneficial effect on the operation of the car as a whole and increases the wear resistance of spare parts;
  • it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 20%.

The positive effect of using devices can be explained very simply.

The ozonator pumps trivalent oxygen into the combustion chamber. Atomic oxygen mixes better with the fuel mixture. As a result, the level of fuel consumption is reduced, and even the most voracious car turns into an economical and environmentally friendly car.

Magnetic-electric fuel activators (KB Nitron) and electronic models (Samara VIAS company) are on sale.

Customer Reviews

Discussions on automotive forums about the possibility of forced fuel enrichment have divided motorists into two camps.

Most car owners do not trust advertising promises and are skeptical of the possibility of even using such a device.

Among the many reviews, sometimes there are positive reviews from those who have already installed the ozonator. The opinions of the real owners agree on the following points:

  • when driving in the city, efficiency does not make itself felt;
  • when traveling long distances on the highway, the effect is observed;
  • the dynamic qualities of the car after installing additional equipment improved.

There is no consensus on ozonators. Savings fans will have to test the device on their own car.