Many car owners, wishing to get clean sound in their car, are faced with delusions. As a result, they overpay for additional speakers, amplifiers and speakers or use them irrationally, resulting in poor sound quality in the cabin.


  • a Mix the notions of nominal and maximum power
  • 2 An expensive car always sounds good
  • 3 The sound quality depends on the number of speakers
  • four All components must be of the same brand
  • 5 An active subwoofer is better than a passive one.

Mix the notions of nominal and maximum power

Often, users who buy audio equipment confuse the notions of initial and maximum sound power. They indicate the peak power which can only be achieved under particular conditions (for example, when the equipment is cooled with liquid nitrogen). The consumer looks at the specs, sees that his radio tape recorder can produce 200 watts, overpays and, as a result, is deceived. 200 watts cannot be obtained by definition. The value of 15 watts on the packaging is already cause for joy. For the most part, large numbers on the package are prescribed without testing for marketing purposes. Consumers will never be able to verify them.

An expensive car always sounds good

A high-end, high-quality speaker system is not always installed in an expensive car. In expensive cars, the emphasis is on functionality, especially power, safety and reliability. The installation of professional acoustics fades into the background. The best components, properly matched to each other and installed by professionals, are present in an expensive car only after paying for the service. For high quality sound, you need to pay separately. There are few expensive cars with better speakers.

The sound quality depends on the number of speakers

The number of speakers does not affect the sound quality. Noises, rattles and vibrations can be observed in all the speakers and ultimately the car owner will face discomfort while listening to music. Often enough to get a powerful front amplifier, subwoofer, 4 channels. The quality of standard car speakers is not determined by engineers, but by marketers. Often 10-20 speakers go to the premium segment, which are scattered around the cabin, but the function of such systems is aesthetic. The shape along with the size and placement of the speakers is a design quirk. Therefore, when a nice column is found, it is never possible to understand if it is empty or not.

All components must be of the same brand

It is wrong to think that the manufacturer of a device, which received the most votes in the rating among competitors, can produce other equipment at the same level of quality. Often, the company that makes the best radios doesn’t create the same quality speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. Therefore, a person who decides to collect the entire collection of products from the manufacturer will not be able to be satisfied with the sound quality. To get pure car sound without wheezing or vibration, you should follow three tips:

  • choose the products according to the required parameters;
  • assess the characteristics of the car;
  • take into account the material of the body, the characteristics of existing systems.

In the absence of an understanding of the features of the process, you need to contact knowledgeable sellers.

An active subwoofer is better than a passive one.

An active subwoofer differs from a passive subwoofer by placing an amplifier in its enclosure. However, in terms of efficiency, using a subwoofer alongside an amplifier does not lead to the desired effect. The possibility of placing one element in the cabin and the other in the trunk or under the seat is preferable. In addition, the active element takes up a lot of space, having the same characteristics as the passive element.

As a result, high-quality sound from the speaker system in the car can be achieved, taking into account the misconceptions listed above and the basic laws of physics. In order not to overpay for the car radio, it is enough to know three rules: study the characteristics of the acoustic devices before the purchase, favor models of different brands and do not install too many speakers.