The hammer drill is indispensable for construction work where impact force and a powerful tool for dismantling are needed. Homeowners typically use it to drill holes in concrete, knock down tile, or dig into walls. The power of a power tool can come in handy when repairing a car. This article talks about the options for using a hammer drill during body repair.


  • a Application methods
  • 2 Homemade lights
    • 2.1 Fragments of an old tool
    • 2.2 Nozzle with wheel bolt

Application methods

Using the impact working principle, it is convenient to unscrew sour and rusty bolts or nuts. To do this, it is necessary to equip the tool with a nozzle with a flat tip (for example, a fragment of an old chisel) and lightly tap the bolt like a hammer. Remember that the hammer must work in chiseling mode, not in rotation.

A hammer drill with a conventional construction chisel does an excellent job of cutting metal. They can, for example, reduce the thresholds. It is convenient to work with a hammer tool with a chisel in places where the grinder cannot pass.

The power of an electric drill is mainly used to tap rusty parts and acidic compounds. If you have this universal tool at hand, you can easily dismantle the engine housing, remove brake drums and knock out old catalysts.

There are videos on the Internet in which they even open a car lock with a punch. If the keyhole is frozen or rusty, attach a punch with a flat nozzle to the door and knock the door a little with it. After a minute, the lock will open again. Don’t forget to insert a spacer (book, magazine or piece of rubber type) between the nozzle and the bodywork so as not to scratch the car’s paint.

Homemade lights

The more nozzles a perforator has, the greater its functionality.

Fragments of an old tool

An old chisel with a broken tip is ideal for tapping nuts and bolts. Find an old chisel and drill bit, cut it down to a flat point, and replace your hand hammer with a powerful power tool. The unscrewing rate of the nuts will increase.

Nozzle with wheel bolt

Take an old drill, cut off the cartridge mounting mechanism and weld it to the wheel bolt. You will get a small hammer which can be used as an impact driver to knock out the ball screws. If such a nozzle pre-drills the edges of the bolts, then they will be easier to unscrew.

The more powerful the drill, the faster the work not only on the construction site, but also during body repairs.