Over the past decade, the cost of gasoline in Russia has increased 2.5 times. If in 2009 domestic motorists paid only 20 rubles per liter of fuel, today the price of a liter of gasoline has risen to almost 50 rubles. Such a price hike forces Russian drivers to save fuel by all available means, including using so-called magnetic activators.

Can magnets save fuel in a car

Recently, a lot of ads have appeared on the Internet for the sale of a unique device that can save 10-40% of fuel. A very attractive offer to buy this cheap device and install it on your car. It remains only to understand the effectiveness of magnetic activators to understand what it is.

In fact, another device to reduce gas consumption consists of two neodymium magnets in a plastic shell. The authors of this development propose to install these magnets on the gasoline hose as close as possible to the engine and fix them with a plastic collar or a special “lamb” (depending on the design of the device).

The principle of operation of this device, according to the authors of the development, is extremely simple. The fact is that during operation in the fuel mixture under the influence of external factors, carbon clots can form, which are poorly enriched with oxygen and for this reason do not completely burn out in the working chambers of the engine. The activator, using a strong magnetic field, “breaks” these “stuck together” pieces into small positively charged particles.

As a result, the enriched fuel burns completely in the engine, which has a very beneficial effect not only on gas economy, but also provides additional benefits in the form of:

  • increase the power of the internal combustion engine;
  • strong reduction of harmful emissions;
  • engine oil savings;
  • increase the life of catalytic converters and the life of spark plugs;
  • battery stabilization;
  • protection of pistons and cylinders against soot.

You can order the device directly from home, because you can buy magnetic activators on any well-known Internet site. Installing the device usually does not cause any problems, since a novice driver can handle such a simple job.

How to install

In fact, installing a magnetic activator on the fuel hose is carried out in just two stages, after which device manufacturers offer to adjust the fuel system:

  • we cover the fuel pipe with magnets on both sides;
  • we fix the halves of the activator with a clamp or a special fixing device (depending on the design of the device) as close as possible to the engine.

Fuel system correction depends on the engine type and is carried out in normal mode. Manufacturers explain the need for this operation by the fact that after installing the activator, the amount of fuel entering the engine is significantly reduced.

Divorce or not

The most interesting thing about the magnetic activator situation is that the official study of such a device was done 16 years ago by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The researchers tested a “pair of neodymium magnets” called Super FUELMAX, which promised 27% fuel savings and significant reductions in emissions, and found no significant reduction/increase in fuel consumption.

However, this circumstance does not bother modern “Kulibins”, who again flooded the domestic market with “miraculous” devices and do not even hesitate to place certificates of conformity in accordance with GOST on their websites. But for some reason this GOST does not apply to neodymium magnets, but to engine oil.