Change a PowerPoint Show file to a work file

When you use PowerPoint and receive a PowerPoint file, whether it’s over a corporate network or as an email attachment, you can tell by the file extension whether it’s a read-only show file or a working presentation file. The show file has the file extension .ppsx in PowerPoint for Windows 2016, 2010, and 2007 and in PowerPoint for Mac 2016, 2011, and 2008, while the work presentation file uses the file extension .pptx at the end of the file name.

  1. PPTX vs PPSX
  2. Edit a PowerPoint show file
  3. Open the file in PowerPoint
  4. Change file extension


A PowerPoint show is the actual presentation you view when you are part of the audience. A PowerPoint presentation file is a work file in the creation phase. They differ only in their extension and the PowerPoint format in which they are opened.

PPTX is an extension for a PowerPoint presentation. This has been the default save extension since PowerPoint 2007. Older versions of PowerPoint used the PPT extension for this format.

PPSX is an extension for PowerPoint shows. This format saves presentations as a slideshow. It’s the same as a PPTX file, but when you double-click it, it opens in a view slideshow , out of sight normal . Versions of Powerpoint prior to 2007 used the PPS extension for this format.

Edit a PowerPoint show file

Sometimes you want to make a few changes to a finished product, but all you get is a .ppsx show file from your colleague. There are several ways to make changes to the .ppsx file.

Open the file in PowerPoint

  1. Open PowerPoint.

  2. Select File > Open and locate the .ppsx show file on your computer.

  3. Edit the presentation as usual in PowerPoint.

  4. To continue editing later, select File > Save as to save the file as a normal working presentation file with a .pptx extension, or select File > Save to save it as a PowerPoint presentation again.

Change file extension

In some cases, you can simply change the extension before opening the file in PowerPoint.

  1. Right click on the file name and select rename in the context menu.

  2. Change the file extension from .ppsx to .pptx .

  3. Double-click the named file to open it in PowerPoint as a working presentation file.

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