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Correspondence Committed to its easy-to-navigate interface, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular email services up to date and, like one of the main Google products, as Gmail appears on any device, it can be customized to cater to different types of users. Many of the changes the California tech company made to Gmail focused on improving organizational capabilities, ease of use, and overall user comfort.

Gmail is launching a redesign of its version of the web, allowing users to easily switch between Google applications, such as Gmail, Chat, and Meet, without opening new windows or windows. For some time now, users who prefer to use the service with minimal visual cues can also activate dark mode for Gmail and view their login logs in a clear window. Another Gmail resource worth exploring is the ability to customize the look of your login box, as well as the option to easily access multiple login boxes from a single interface.

Steps to choose a new device regardless of Gmail users have an iOS or Android device Layout of the Gmail login window Are you sure Request the Gmail application and tap cardapio (hamburger icon) in the top corner except for the fabric. bottom roll and selection configuration† Select the Gmail account you want to edit, the role or the menu and click Input box typeSelect one of the five available login screen layouts. To alternate the login screen layouts on your computer, open Gmail in a web browser and click configuration (gear icon) in the top right corner of the cloth.debaixo Input box typeselect one of two to six layouts tailored Options that allow Gmail users to change specific resources from this type of login window.

to Gmail predefinition The format of the edit box divides the emails into different category guides, or seja, basesocialPromotionse renovate† Gmail automatically classifies messages into the most appropriate categories, but users can manually move messages for other directions. Users can also choose important firstnot first lidoou star first entrance box. All three input boxes have a similar layout, with important emails listed as uncluttered or starred at the top and remaining emails at the bottom. Gmail automatically marks messages as “important” based on the user’s preferences, such as the frequency with which emails are sent to someone, the emails they open and respond with the highest frequency, or when emails are marked with a star, archive or exclude. These tags can be manually removed or added by the user.

esta priority box Gmail layouts are even more customizable and allow users to select options directly in the login window, including the three that Gmail manages by default: Important and not funnyEstrelouthe rest, or the tags they created. even Various entrance boxes The layouts allow people to define and name up to five customizable options for display on the side of the main entrance. These options may be preceded by messages archived in specific user-defined tags or search queries, such as a specific sender or email in a pasta de rascunhos.tem que estar ciente é Correspondencethe Various entrance boxes Layouts can only be accessed from a computer.

source: Google Support

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