On the Internet you can find many ways to change engine oil, which should make life easier for a motorist. One of these methods is to change the oil using an electric fuel pump.

There is nothing complicated in this idea, and you can assemble such a device in just ten minutes, provided that everything you need is at hand. And few details are needed:

  • Electric fuel pump;
  • Two wires, preferably with crocodiles;
  • fuel pipe;
  • PVC tubing;
  • Pliers.

The wires should be connected to the power terminals on the fuel pump housing, and a small piece of fuel hose should be connected to the inlet channel. A thin PVC tube is driven inside this segment. The joints with the body and at the junction of two pipes must be tightened with clamps. A hose is also put on the outlet of the pump, but there is no need for a thin tube.

Before use, the car engine must be warmed up so that the oil becomes more fluid. Once the engine is off, the device must be connected to the battery terminals, observing the polarity. The fuel pump has started. Now a thin tube should be immersed in the probe hole until it stops, and the outlet channel should be inside a suitable container – a plastic bottle will do . It is important that the waste oil tank is under the engine, otherwise the liquid cannot flow into it.

The process of changing the oil in this way is very time-consuming and in practice is usually uneconomical. It can take about 10 minutes to pump out a liter of liquid. Therefore, for a complete oil change, you will need to significantly discharge the battery, as it will not be recharged by the generator during this process. In fact, you should not try to do this, otherwise the result will disappoint you. The fact is that the fuel pump is not designed for such viscosity, and its pumping volume is insufficient.

It is better to purchase special equipment for this, which will save on car service, or simply seek help from specialists.