Check out Tim Cook’s latest attempt to justify every sideload on the iPhone

maçã CEO Tim Cook appeared at the IAPP conference in Washington to raise privacy issues and demonstrate the company’s tough stance against the sideload of iPhone applications. On the other hand, Android users have been loading apps for years. With just a few clicks, Android users can go to the Google Play Store and decide which sites to download applications from.

Apple argues against sideloading because it compromises iPhone security. The company’s extreme policy has been controversial and has been brought to trial, even in the US Supreme Court, to monopolize the market. The App Store has its problems, from the Epic-Fortnite case to companies censoring content to keep the store and apps blacklisted.

Apple CEO Tim Cook explores the IAPP Summit 2022 platform to attack the sideload. The CEO paints a rather dark and entertaining frame, presenting the story of a villa whose characters are villains”data industrial estate,“Companies are starting to change people’s data. The protagonists of this story are the political rules of the Apple App Store.”Keep users safeImplies that downloading of applications is not approved by the company. The full presentation can be viewed on the IAPP channel on YouTube.

In accordance with reports TechCrunch, Cook avoided pressure from the US and Europe for Apple to open the sideload. The US Senate’s Open App Marketplace Act and the European Union’s Digital Marketplaces Act are expected to legally impose sideloading capacity this year. Tim Cook’s brilliant first and last comments mixed your support as if the App Store was under control. Cook the name of privacy”The greatest struggle of our time,And in turn, malware, phishing and crime cracked on companies that work with data collection. Cooking and comparing”moldThe company is a stranger who follows a father as he takes a son to school. The CEO guarantees that Apple will continue to support the no sideloading rule.

Apple’s mantra on this topic is that it gives users the option to pause charging or charge laterally to avoid privacy concerns. However, I just believe that Apple’s App Store policy isn’t about maintaining security, it’s about controlling and operating Apple’s business. Apple’s paternalistic attitude to making decisions in the name of user safety is unlikely to stand the test of time. in the movie maçã You’ll probably find a way to open up or find new ninar stories for Tim Cook to tell the public at a privacy event.

source: Apps/YouTube, TechCrunch

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