Zealous owners regularly prune, chemically treat, and whitewash fruit trees. However, before carrying out all these works, it is necessary to clean the bark in order to rid the trunk of branches of lichen, moss and old bark. This preparatory stage has always been very laborious and time-consuming, since it is still carried out manually, using scrapers, metal brushes and other improvised means. Today, the situation has begun to change, because the most enterprising gardeners have developed and successfully use a new, very effective technique.

Is it possible to clean the bark of trees with a pressure washer before painting

Opponents of this idea abound. However, garden owners who decide to try this method are completely delighted with the results of their work. After all, a powerful jet of water in a few seconds copes with moss, lichens, the removal of apple trees, pears, vines, shrubs from old bark. The young bark is not damaged, and it takes several minutes to process an individual tree.

The high-pressure cleaner is especially effective when working with former orchard inhabitants, which are distinguished by their large size. This unit is in demand during pest control. After all, the power of the water jet is quite enough to clean the bark, as well as knock down caterpillars, slugs and other pests from branches at a height of up to 2.5 meters. Water is used sparingly.

The end result of such processing delights gardeners. After removing the bark in this way, whitewashing is applied to fruit trees with a minimum of time, effort and money. The whitewash itself persists throughout the season and the yield increases significantly.

How to properly clean

Special skills when processing fruit trees in this way are not required. The main thing is that the pressure washer has an adjustable water jet power. Then we proceed as follows:

  • connect the unit to water and electricity;
  • we approach the tree;
  • turn on the sink;
  • we direct the jet of water to the problem areas of the trunk and branches, simultaneously selecting its power in such a way as to avoid damage to the healthy bark;
  • we finish washing to move on to the next apple, pear, plum, etc.

Thus, it is easy and simple to clean the bark of fruit trees with a pressure washer. The author of this video was convinced of this by his own experience: