Click to load Snapchat Prank: Like it with your friends

Snapchat is packed with great settings, filters and effects – but one of the nicest ‘resources’ is the ‘touch to load’ viral burner. If you use social media applications with close friends or family, chances are everyone has already prepared a few steps before. From sending beautiful photos to making bobas video chats or anything else, chatting with your best friends on apps like Snapchat and TikTok can be a fun way to pass the time.

Specific to Snapchat, there are many brincades that you can create with your friends. Do people think you’re in luxury if you just drop by home? Find a photo of a beautiful resort or beach online, post it to your Snapchat Story and pretend it’s really fun. You can also send a video to your friend, but if you fail, just say the words you “say” – trick your friend into thinking there is something wrong with the phone’s sound.

Another popular Snapchat shooter is a touch to load one. When you send a photo to someone on Snapchat, the photo is normally uploaded for your friend to see right away. Send a Snap, the other person will be in their chat right away, and that’s it. It’s a handy system for quickly sharing photos, but it also requires the perfect touch to charge the flashlight. All you have to do is send an image to someone who says “Touch to load,” making it look like you’re sending an image that isn’t loading properly. So they have to try to touch this image to load it, but in reality there is nothing left to see. As shown by Twitter users @boston_byerlythe results can be quite hilarious.

So, how do you do the Snapchat tap to load the fire extinguisher with your friends? In fact it is very easy. To get started, download the ‘touch to load’ image to your phone (tweet above or find the image online). Once on your phone, just open Snapchat, tap a friend you want to send it to, tap the photo icon and send or tap to upload the image. There are several ways to deal with firefighters. You can send the image or click it to upload it to a project account without any context and it is supported arbitrarily. Alternatively, you can start the photo with something like “OMG, you won’t believe what I just saw,” followed by a tap to load the image.

The touch to load fire extinguisher has been on Snapchat since 2021, but for some reason it doesn’t seem popular among users until 2022. That can be hard to realize the fire extinguisher if your friend already knows how it works, but it’s still worth a try. Download the image, send it to someone and observe the excitement. The switch to charge is not the most productive way to use Snapchatbut of course it can also be a lot of fun.

Font style: @boston_byerly

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