Configure Gmail POP Settings

  1. Here’s How to Get Gmail Messages on Any Email Client
  2. Enable POP in Gmail
  3. Set up an email client with Gmail POP settings

Here’s How to Get Gmail Messages on Any Email Client

To view your Gmail messages in an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, configure the Gmail POP server settings on the client. After that, set up your email client to download your messages from the Gmail server.

POP settings are only needed to access incoming messages. To use email effectively, configure your Gmail SMTP server settings as: outgoing messages.

Enable POP in Gmail

Before setting up an email client using Gmail’s POP settings, you must enable POP on your Gmail account.

  1. Select Settings (gear icon), then select Settings .

  2. On screen Settings select tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP .

  3. In chapter POP download select Enable POP for all email or Enable POP for incoming email from now on .

    If you don’t have a special reason to download all your email, choose Enable POP for incoming email from now on .

  4. Select arrow When opening messages with POP and choose what happens when your Gmail messages are available through your email client.

    if you choose save a copy of Gmail in your inbox if you delete messages in your email client, they are preserved when you open Gmail in a web browser.

    This method may cause your account storage limit to be exceeded and may prevent email from being delivered to your mailbox.

    if you choose delete copy of gmail when a message is downloaded to your email client, it is removed from Gmail and is not available on the Gmail website.

  5. After you have made your choice, select Saving Changes .

Set up an email client with Gmail POP settings

Create a new account to set up an email client with Gmail POP settings. The exact way to complete these steps is different for each customer (although the settings you enter will always be the same).

To set up Gmail in Outlook, please do as follows:

  1. In Outlook, go to the tab File and select Information .

  2. Select account settings > account settings .

  3. In the dialog box account settings go to tab E-mail and select New .

  4. In the dialog box Add Account enter your name, Gmail address and password. Outlook fills in the rest of the server information for you. If that doesn’t work, choose Manual installation or additional server types . Then select Further .

  5. Select POP or IMAP and then select Further .

  6. Enter the following settings:

    You may need to go to the screen Advanced settings or Additional Settings to enter the required information.

    • Gmail POP server address: .

    • POP username for Gmail: Your Gmail address (For instance, [email protected] ).

    • POP password for Gmail: Your Gmail password .

    • POP Gmail Port: 995 .

    • Requires SSL Gmail POP: Yes

  7. Select Further . Outlook will run a test and let you know that you can download messages from Gmail.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • For some clients, you may need to enter the POP and SMTP settings on the same screen.

  • If your email client can’t connect to Gmail, turn on Google’s setting Less secure app access . To do this, go to your Google account home page and select Safety . Scroll down to Less secure app access and follow the instructions to enable this feature. Please note that performing this action will make your Google account more vulnerable to remote access.

  • If your email client can’t connect to Gmail, please enable SMTP authentication on outgoing server .

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