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Support for is in the form of forum help, not phone calls.

If you want to improve your email skills with, or if the app isn’t working the way you think, you can seek help from power users and members of the Microsoft support forum.

The instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Find help and support for

If you need information about using or need help with a technical issue, check out these Microsoft resources:

  1. Visit the Forum . does not provide access to support professionals. Instead, offers a public forum where Microsoft employees and experienced users offer help. Browse the forum to see if your question has been answered. If not, enter your question and wait for an answer.

  2. Check service status . Visit the Microsoft Service Health webpage to see if is currently experiencing issues. Problems cannot be described here, but you can read about current problems. If is not experiencing any crash or issues, the message “Everything is working” is displayed.

  3. Find out if the website is down . There are several web services that tell you whether a website is working or not. One of these services is “Down for Everyone” or “Only Me”? and is it finished? To use these services to find out if a website is up or down, simply enter the website address, such as

  4. Check out the Troubleshooting section on . The Get Help with webpage has a troubleshooting section. Check it out to see if your issue is resolved. Select a topic to open another webpage with answers and solutions (along with fixes or workarounds).

  5. Do not call . does not offer phone support. Posts appear in various places on the community forum that you can get help during certain hours by calling a toll-free number. This number has been reported as a scam in several places on the internet.

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