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Get help from Yahoo Support for email issues

If you have a problem with Yahoo Mail, but the Yahoo Help documents don’t help, you can contact Yahoo Support for assistance.

Whatever the problem, you can contact Yahoo about this and the company will work with you to resolve the issue. However, before taking this step, try to reproduce the problem by repeating the same steps. Maybe the problem was just an accident and won’t happen again.

If the problem occurs with repeating actions, be it a jumbled message, skipped messages, or you can no longer drag and drop images, it’s time to contact Yahoo Mail support . You have several options.

Contact Yahoo

Yahoo has several contact points where you can contact support. You can ask for help on Twitter or Facebook by going to @YahooCare or YahooCustomerCare respectively.

To contact Yahoo via email, you can submit a support request:

  1. Go to the Yahoo help screen in your browser.

  2. Go to the tab Mail at the top of this page to access your Yahoo Mail support options.

  3. Select which Yahoo Mail product is giving you problems from the drop-down menu on the left. The following options are available: Mail app for Android Mail app for iOS Desktop Email † † mobile email or New desktop email

  4. In section Related overview Choose the topic that best describes your reason for contacting Yahoo Support.

  5. If you can’t find your answer there, please select New desktop email in the drop-down menu.

  6. Other options include: Talk to an active agent And Email recovery to help you find lost or deleted emails from your Yahoo account.

  7. If you can’t access your account, select Login Assistant Orange colour.

  8. You can also scroll down the page and select: Connect with us left.

  9. Allows you to select other options, including: Contact a Yahoo specialist Ask the Yahoo Community or view help articles about products.

Check the email account you provided to Yahoo for the Yahoo results summary. This may include the steps to follow to resolve the issue. The whole process can take anywhere from two hours to 24 hours.

If you have a simple question and don’t want to wait for a full scan of your Yahoo Mail account, click the button Connect with us or Yahoo Help Community at Yahoo Help. screen under the Mail tab.

According to Yahoo, if you see a Yahoo support number online, it’s not for Yahoo support. The call may result in a request for a credit card, bank account, or account. Do not give this information and hang up. Yahoo support is free.

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