Convert a photo to an Excel spreadsheet (Android, iOS, and macOS)

Microsoft Excel has a handy resource that can turn a photo into a spreadsheet, but oddly enough only works on Android, iOS, and macOS. There’s no reason why this resource isn’t available on Windows yet or if it’s being added. Meanwhile, the user can hold a smartphone to take a photo, create a table, save and open it in Windows.

Excel is the world’s leading scheduling software and is often regarded as an attractive application for writing assignments. Just two years after launching Windows for the first time, Microsoft offers amazing capabilities to process numbers, format tables, and present complex information in a more useful way. But of course the old computer saying ‘get in, get out’ still applies. However, if the data entered is incomplete or incorrect, the results provided can be very deceiving.

Getting a large amount of data on the computer easily has always been one of the main requirements for computer users. Microsoft recognizes this and offers several ways to accept user input. One of the most impressive is the ability to capture a printed or handwritten table of information from a photo and import it into an Excel spreadsheet without having to accurately digitize every number in the line and columns. This isn’t a new source, but it may not be well known, and that’s probably why Maçà recently made it stand out in its Mac App Store. Users can do the same on an iPhone or Android phone. This option can be found in the ‘More’ menu, which appears to have three dots in the lower right corner of the fabric. From the ‘Insert’ menu, tap ‘Image details’ to open the camera to take a photo.

This resource is also available on a Mac computer using an iPhone to take a photo or an image can be selected on the computer to extract data. In the opposite case, the process is the same as with a smartphone, by opening the ‘Insert’ menu and selecting ‘Image data’ to start the process. If you want to take a photo with an iPhone or Android phone, Excel will mark what appears as relevant parts of the image. For example, if the numbers on the table are not properly identified, the user can drag them to the correct position and tap the opener to take a picture.

Preferably, users can select an image from the image library before taking a photo. The data is displayed below the original photo, allowing for publication in case the songs or titles are not recognized properly. When it’s done, tap “Insert” to place the information on the screen in the current cell. Embed the text and numbers captured as lines and columns, more work may be needed to format and place the table to get the best presentation. The system is very accurate with good lighting while recent iPhone or Android phone should give clear and clear picture to Microsoft Excel to get what it takes.

Source: Microsoft, Mac

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