Create a Gmail app password for POP/IMAP

  1. Create a custom password for your email program
  2. Create a password for the Gmail app
  3. Application password management

Create a custom password for your email program

Two-factor authentication on your Google account requires a special code, either via SMS or mobile app, with your username and password. However, programs such as desktop email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Evolution) cannot answer a two-way call. Solution? application specific password which is a special password associated with your account that is only used for a specific program, service or situation.

Create a password for the Gmail app

To create a new password for an email program, utility, or add-on to access your Gmail account via IMAP or POP with two-step forced authentication:

  1. Click your name or photo in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox.

  2. Click or click google account on the sheet that appears.

  3. Press the button Safety in the sidebar on the left.

  4. Go to section Sign in to Google .

  5. In chapter Password and login method Click Application passwords .

    When prompted for a Gmail password, enter your password via enter password and press Further .

  6. Make sure the drop down menu is Select application option selected mail or Other (custom name) . if you chose mail select your computer or device from the menu Select device . if you chose Other (custom name) enter an application or add-on and optionally a device (eg “Mozilla Thunderbird on my Linux laptop”), eg YouTube on my Xbox.

  7. Click To create .

  8. Immediately find and use the password in the section Your app password for your device . Enter your password or paste it immediately into your email program, Gmail add-on, or service. You won’t see it again.

  9. Click Finished .

Application password management

The value of an app-specific password is that you can revoke and recover your password on an individual basis instead of changing the master password for your account. If you need to create a new application password for a program or service, delete previously configured passwords that are no longer used for the same application.

We recommend that you use an application password for only one service. You can create as many passwords for your app as you want.

Aside from your Google account, you need to set up two-factor authentication for a wide variety of accounts as well as for your social media accounts.

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