Create a Google Calendar event from a Gmail message

  1. Synchronize your mailbox and calendar
  2. Create a Google Calendar event from email in the browser
  3. Automatically add Gmail events to Google Calendar using the mobile app

Synchronize your mailbox and calendar

If you schedule many appointments or appointments in Gmail, you will appreciate the convenience of creating a Google Calendar event from an email containing the event information. Because Gmail and Google Calendar are tightly integrated, you can create an email-based event even if the message doesn’t contain a date at all. This feature is useful whether you use a computer browser or a mobile app to access your Gmail account.

Create a Google Calendar event from email in the browser

If you access Gmail from a desktop browser, the steps to add a calendar event are different than when using Gmail in the mobile app.

Open the message in Gmail on your computer, then click Yet in the Gmail toolbar, or press the period key if you have Gmail shortcuts enabled.

Select Create event drop down menu Yet (three vertical dots) to open the Google Calendar screen. Google Calendar populates the event name with the email subject line and the description area with the contents of the email body. Make the necessary changes in these two areas.

You can customize any element of the calendar element:

  • Select the end date, time, and end time from the drop-down menus below the event name at the top of the screen if they weren’t migrated from email. If the event lasts all day or repeats regularly, make the necessary selections in the date area.

  • Add a location for the event in the corresponding field.

  • Set the notification for the event and enter the time period before the event you want to be notified about.

  • Assign a color to a calendar event and indicate whether you are busy or free during the event.

Click Save at the top of Google Calendar to create a new appointment. If you need to make changes to an event later, just click the calendar event to expand the entry and click the icon pencil to change the information.

Automatically add Gmail events to Google Calendar using the mobile app

Assuming you’ve also downloaded the Google Calendar app, it will recognize bookings and certain events and automatically add them to your calendar from Gmail. This handy feature applies to events in corporate confirmation emails related to hotel, restaurant, and airline reservations, as well as ticketed events, such as movies and concerts.

  1. Open the Google Calendar app on your mobile device. expand icon menu at the top of the screen and click Institutions

  2. Click Events from Gmail.

  3. The screen that opens will contain your Google login information and an on/off slider next to Add events from Gmail. Press slider to move it to the on position. Now when you receive an email in the Google Mail app about an event, such as a concert, restaurant reservation, or flight, it will automatically be added to your calendar. You can delete an individual event or disable this feature if you don’t want events to be added automatically.

If you later receive an email that updates the appointment, for example with a time change, that change is automatically reflected in the calendar appointment.

You can’t edit these events yourself, but you can delete the event from Google Calendar.

To delete an individual event, tap the three-dot menu and then tap Remove.

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