Create and exclude playlists on YouTube

Youtube Playlists are a useful tool for organizing videos and it’s easy to create, edit, and exclude them across platforms including Android, iOS, and the web. Just like a YouTube playlist is a curated list of videos, it’s common for users to agree on a specific topic or category. For example, an “Exercises” playlist might be a collection of exercise videos, while a “Food” playlist might contain the user’s favorite recipes.

YouTube playlists work exactly as you’d expect, playing videos one after the other, similar to how they work on Spotify or Apple Music. YouTube playlists can be made private, unlisted, or public. An unlisted playlist can be shared with other users, while a public playlist can be searched on YouTube. Users can also invite other people to collaborate and add videos to their playlists.

To create a YouTube playlist on the site, find a video exactly added to the playlist and click the button Ointment button below. Select a predefined playlist, such as Watch Later, or select a previously created playlist. Or click on Create a new playlistand digitize a name. Select the privacy setting and click Criar† To edit a playlist, select the left sidebar and click edit on the side of the field to be changed. To exclude a playlist, select it in the sidebar and click the Three-Dot Menu button. Select Exclude playlistand confirm the action by clicking Exclude new.

The process of creating a YouTube playlist in the application is quite simple and the steps are the same on Android and iPhone. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the YouTube app and tap the icon Library aba na parte inferior.
  • click on New playlist new Reproduction lists section.
  • Select videos from the exhibition history and add them to the playlist.
  • touch it Coming soonadd a title and change privacy settings.
  • touch it Criar

Once a playlist is created, users can add new videos to it by opening a video to be added to the playlist and clicking the button Ointment button below. To add it to a list of different plays, click the button Fade away button and grab another playlist. The playlist exception can also be done in the Library section on Android and iPhone, while the steps are a bit different for both platforms. Google notes that if a playlist has been shared or made public in the past, it can view other users’ viewing history even after it’s been banned. See how to exclude a playlist from a YouTube app:

  • Click no Library YouTube Application Guide.
  • Click on the playlist to be banned on or Reproduction lists section.
  • On Android, touch our three dots More button, tap Exclude playlistand then Exclude new.
  • No iPhone, touch no Exclude button (lever icon) and selection Exclude new.

Besides creating and excluding playlists, YouTube also offers some other sources for playlists. For example, when users click on a playlist in the YouTube application, they can tap the download button (set below) to download all videos for offline viewing. There is even an option to specify the quality of the download. Users can also organize videos in one Youtube playlist hits no Order button, which sorts the videos by release date, publishing date, or popularity.

Source: Google Support

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