Create custom envelopes in Microsoft Word

Making envelopes in Microsoft Word is not difficult. A special tool in the program automatically creates an envelope for you. All you have to do is enter your return address and the address of the recipient. You can also customize the envelope according to your needs.

  1. Open the envelope tool
  2. Enter your address
  3. Change envelope feed options
  4. Change the envelope size
  5. Change the envelope font style

Open the envelope tool

To open the envelope tool, click or tap the menu group mail list and then select Envelopes to open the Envelope and Label Wizard.

Enter your address

Enter your return and recipient address in the Envelope and Label Wizard.

When you enter a return address, Word asks if you want to keep that address as the default address. This return address appears every time you open the dialog box. To skip the return address, select To skip before pressing . press seal

Change envelope feed options

Make sure Word meets your printer’s standard for printing envelopes by telling Word how to load the envelope into the printer. Press the button Channel in the Envelope & Label Wizard. In the dialog box Envelope Options tab opens print options

Specify how the envelope is fed into the printer by pressing one of the buttons at the top. To change the envelope orientation, click Turn clockwise

If your printer has a separate envelope tray, you can also specify it. Just click on the drop down box below channel of

After setting the parameters, click Okay

Change the envelope size

To change the envelope size, click the button parameters: in the dialog box Envelopes and Labels † Then go to the tab Envelope Options

Use the drop-down list labeled Envelope size to select the envelope size. If your size is not listed, please select: custom size: † Word will ask you to enter the dimensions of your envelope.

You can also change the distance from the edge of the envelope to the return and delivery address. Just use the checkboxes in the appropriate section to change this.

When you are done specifying your settings, click Okay

Change the envelope font style

You will not be blocked by the default fonts for your envelope. Basically, you can choose any font, font, and font color you want.

To change the fonts in the envelope, click the button Font style tab Envelope Options in the dialog box Envelope Options † Please specify the font for the return and shipping address separately.

When you press the button Font style , a dialog box opens with the font options (just like in a regular Word document). Select the desired options and click Okay

Remember, the United States Postal Service’s automatic scanners and the eyes of individual mail carriers must be able to read your address information. Avoid ornate style choices that are difficult to understand visually.

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