Create family trees with a PowerPoint org chart

  1. Visualize your family tree on a PowerPoint slide
  2. Change slide layout
  3. Insert a SmartArt graphic diagram
  4. Add family members to the chart
  5. Link to the new branch of the family tree
  6. Customize your family tree

Visualize your family tree on a PowerPoint slide

If you don’t have access to family tree software or a genealogy website that supports family tree creation, create a family tree in PowerPoint. PowerPoint has built-in tools that let you create a family tree with text, images, video, audio, charts, and more to bring your family tree to life.

The instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; and PowerPoint for Office 365.

Change slide layout

Before you start building your family tree, you should start with a clean slate. To follow this tutorial, start with a blank PowerPoint template and customize it to be ready for your family’s details.

To open a blank template and change the slide layout, do the following:

  1. Select File > New to see a list of PowerPoint templates.

  2. Select Empty presentation to open a new presentation with one slide.

  3. Select House .

  4. Select Layout .

  5. Select Title and content .

  6. Your presentation contains one slide with placeholders for a title, bulleted text, and an image.

Insert a SmartArt graphic diagram

SmartArt graphics make it easy to work with complex graphics without having to create them from scratch. In this tutorial, you’ll use a SmartArt graphic to add and edit an org chart on a slide for a family tree.

  1. Select Insert a SmartArt graphic to open the Select SmartArt Graphic dialog box.

  2. Select Hierarchy and select organization chart .

  3. Click Okay to close the dialog box and add the SmartArt Grahic org chart to the slide.

Add family members to the chart

Your presentation contains the basic building blocks for your family tree. To add names to the family tree, select a shape and enter information for a relative.

If there aren’t enough shapes for your family in the standard SmartArt Graphic org chart, add a new shape to add a new member to your family tree chart.

  1. Select the shape to which you want to add another shape.

  2. Select SmartArt tool design and select Add shape .

    Select Add shape arrow down to specify exactly where you want to add the new shape to the chart. Select Add assistant to add a spouse for the selected member.

  3. Keep adding new shapes as needed to complete the family tree.

    If the SmartArt Graphic shapes are in the wrong places, drag the shapes to move them.

  4. Add text to the shapes to complete your family tree.

Link to the new branch of the family tree

Your family tree may contain many branches and you may want to show each branch on a separate slide. Or you may want to show more information about a family member on a separate slide.

Since your family tree branches in different directions, you bring it all together with a hyperlink to a part of the presentation not included in the current slide.

  1. Select a form that links to another slide.

  2. Select Insert .

  3. Select Clutch or hyperlink to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

  4. Select Place in this document .

  5. Select the slide you want to link to.

  6. Select Okay .

Customize your family tree

Your family tree PowerPoint slideshow doesn’t have to be boring. Create a unique background to brighten it up. Add text to slides, import video and audio files, change the color of shapes, choose different shapes for different people, adjust the color of family members’ names and more.

To change the color of SmartArt graphics, select SmartArt tool design > Change colors to start choosing a new colorful design.

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