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Gmail uses labels to organize email. When you flag an email in Gmail, you tell Gmail to show the message in a specific folder as part of your account.

Creating your own Gmail label is very easy. You can do this while filtering messages or using the label option in your Gmail settings. However, below we’ll look at how to create a new label in Gmail in the easiest way: from within the email itself.

  1. How to Create Gmail Labels
  2. Assign a label to multiple emails
  3. Select messages
  4. Find letter
  5. Undo a Gmail label
  6. Delete a Gmail shortcut

How to Create Gmail Labels

  1. Open the post you want to tag.

  2. Click on icon labels on the toolbar (second button from the right, next to the three-dot menu).

  3. Click Create new

  4. Name the new Gmail label in the first text box.

    To put a label inside another label for better organization, you can include: Nest label in and choose another label.

  5. Click To create

You can also highlight a post you’re currently writing by clicking the menu button in the lower-right corner of the post. Open submenu Label to see current shortcuts and the option to create a new one.

Assign a label to multiple emails

There are some quick ways to tag multiple emails at once.

Select messages

One way to flag multiple emails at once is to select them all by checking the box on the left. Then press the button labels in the menu at the top of Gmail and check the boxes next to each label for those messages. Or use Create new to assign a new label to emails.

Find letter

You can also use the search function to get a list of posts to tag. This is especially useful if you have a large number of emails that you want to collect under a certain label.

Search for email in Gmail with search operators

For example, you can search subject: order to collect online orders on your own label Online shopping † After you have listed all those emails, you can use the button Select on the left side of the menu to highlight them all. Applying one or more shortcuts is as easy as clicking a button labels

If you have a very large number of messages, not all of them will appear in the displayed list. To select them all, click Select all conversations that match this search that appear below menus and above emails.

Undo a Gmail label

Removing a label from an email is as easy as using a button Label to remove the label. Or click small X next to the label at the top of the letter.

Delete a Gmail shortcut

It is recommended to remove unused and unnecessary shortcuts. Tags are a great organization tool, but too many of them clutter the menu in the left pane and can slow down Gmail.

To remove Gmail labels, simply open the label settings from the Gmail menu ( Institutions labels ) and press remove next to labels.

Deleting a Gmail label will not delete messages that have used the label, but the label itself will be deleted, so you will not be able to assign emails with that label until you recreate it.

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