Create Icon in Excel

An icon uses images to represent numeric data in a chart or graph. Unlike standard charts, the icon contains images that replace the colored bars or columns most commonly seen in presentations. It will appeal to your audience through the use of color and graphics.

This guide shows you how to change a simple bar chart to an icon in Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Excel 2019 for Mac, Excel 2016 for Mac, and Excel 2011 for Mac.

  1. Training dates
  2. Create a histogram
  3. Add image to icon

Training dates

To follow this tutorial and create the icon in our example, open a new sheet in Excel and enter the following data into the referenced cells:

  1. Enter peanut butter in a cell A3

  2. Enter gingerbread in a cell A4

  3. Enter Sugar in a cell A5

  4. Enter 2005 in a cell B2

  5. Enter 15 500 in a cell B3

  6. Enter 27 589 in a cell B4

  7. Enter 24 980 in a cell B5

  8. Enter 2006 in a cell C2

  9. Enter 16 896 in a cell C3

  10. Enter 26 298 in a cell C4

  11. Enter 25 298 in a cell C5

  12. Enter 2007 in a cell D2

  13. Enter 14 567 in a cell D3

  14. Enter 24.567 in a cell D4

  15. Enter 21 547 in a cell D5.

Create a histogram

  1. Drag to select cells A2 to D5

  2. Select Insert

  3. Select Insert Column or Bar Chart to a chart group.

  4. Select 2D clustered column

A basic column chart is created and placed on your worksheet.

Add image to icon

  1. Double click on one of the blue data bars in the chart and select Formatting a series of data in the context menu. The Format Data Series dialog box opens.

  2. Select Fill options or icon Fill & Line in the Format Data Series dialog box.

  3. Select Image or texture fill in the Fill section.

  4. Select File if you want to use an image stored on your computer.

  5. Select Online if you want to search the web for an image to use.

  6. Find and select the image you want to use.

  7. Select Insert to add an image.

  8. Press the button Pile

  9. Close the dialog Formatting a series of data † The blue bars in the chart are replaced by the selected image.

  10. Repeat the above steps to change other bars in the chart to images.

When you’re done, your icon will look like the example at the beginning of this lesson.

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