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such as social networks, Telegram also allows users to create a public username, one of their many resources. Open groups and channels are more of a tool that allows Telegram users around the world to meet and discuss different aspects related to a topic. Dedicated to the public nature of the two groups and conversations on the platform, it turned out to be a mini search engine. To find a Telegram profile, users just need to search for it in the application.

Telegram groups and channels have some differences. For example, the maximum number of users that can be part of a non-application group is 200,000. On the other hand, unlimited users can be part of a channel. Likewise, the channels do not allow members to join, unlike the groups. Usually, the media files of Telegram’s public channels are already floating on the Internet. It is a blessing and a curse for the application and is applied to users under public usernames.

Users can define names of public users in Telegrama. To create a username, the user shows us the results of a global search. However, this can be good for users who want to be recognized on the platform, some users may feel uncomfortable about this and don’t need to create a public username in the meantime. Telegram does not require users to set up a username to create an account – it is an optional resource. As with other social media platforms, a user’s name must be a unique combination of alphabets, numbers, and sublines of at least five characters.

To create a Telegram username, go to the search menu in the top right corner of the application’s home screen and tap “Configurations.” In the menu, the section titled ‘Account’ has an option that says ‘Username’. Touch it to create an exclusive username. In the following text, the Telegram states that “people can find it with this username and contact you without giving your phone number.As long as users start creating their username and add characters to it, the app will also inform you if the combination is available or not. Once users have created the wrong username, they should tap the view icon in the top right corner.

The instant messaging platform allows users to change their username after defining it. Users just want to open your profile, tap the current username, create a new one and check availability. It’s that simple. After someone sets up a Telegram username, they can share their profile in the form of a link in the following format: Telegram also says you can help users who need a specific username you’ve already used, but you have the same username on services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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