Create transparent text with Photoshop Elements

This tutorial shows you how to create a transparent text effect in Photoshop Elements. In this beginner tutorial, you’ll work with the Type Tool, Move Tool, Effect Palette, Layers, Blending Modes, and Layer Styles.

We used Photoshop Elements 6 for these instructions, but this method should work on older versions as well. If you’re using an older version, your effects palette may be positioned slightly differently than shown here.

  1. Set the tool type
  2. Add your text
  3. Resize and place text
  4. Add a bevel effect
  5. Change blending mode
  6. Change effect style

Set the tool type

Open the image to which you want to add transparent text in Photoshop Elements full editing mode. For simplicity, we use one of the free templates provided on this site.

Select the Text tool on the toolbar.

In the options bar, select Bold Font. I use Affix.

Advice † To adjust the font menu preview size, go to edit Institutions Type and setting. Font sample size.

In the options bar, set the font size to 72, the center alignment, and the font color to 50% gray.

Add your text

Click in the center of your image and enter your text. Click green checkmark in the options bar, or click Input on the numeric keypad to accept text.

Resize and place text

Select the Move tool in the toolbox. Grab a corner of the text and drag it to make the text larger. Resize the text and place it with the Move tool until you’re happy with the placement, then click the green check mark to accept the changes.

Add a bevel effect

Go to the effects palette ( Windown Effects if it isn’t already on the screen). Press the second button for: layer style and set the menu to chamfers † Select the desired bevel effect from the thumbnails and double-click it to apply it to your text. We use Simple Inner Bevel.

Change blending mode

Go to the layers palette ( Windown layers if it isn’t already on the screen). Set the layer’s blending mode to overlay † Now you have transparent text!

Change effect style

You can change the look of the text effect by choosing a different bevel. You can change this by changing the style settings. You open the style settings by double clicking on the symbol fx for the corresponding layer in the layers palette.

Here we changed the bevel style to Scalloped Edge from the Effects palette and changed the bevel style settings from top to bottom to make it look like the text was etched into the wood by a router.

Remember that your text is still an editable object, so you can change, move, or resize the text without having to start over and in full quality.

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