Create your own certificates quickly and easily with a Word template

  1. Prepare a Microsoft Word document for a certificate template
  2. Set the document to landscape orientation
  3. Set margins
  4. Insert picture
  5. Text wrapping

Prepare a Microsoft Word document for a certificate template

There are many options for using certificates in schools and businesses. Once you learn how to use certificate templates, you can create a professional certificate almost instantly. Microsoft Word comes with some certificate templates, but you may prefer to use one of the many templates available online. The instructions in this tutorial assume a horizontal template and use the default ribbon layout in Word 2010. If you’ve customized the ribbon and tools, you may need to adjust these instructions accordingly.

Set the document to landscape orientation

By default, Word usually opens on a letter-sized page in portrait orientation. If the font size is not set by default, change it now. Go to the tab page layout and choose Size > Letter. Then change the orientation by selecting Orientation > Landscape

Set margins

The default margins in Word are usually 1 inch. Use 1/4 inch margins for certification. On the tab page layout select Fields > Custom Fields † Set the top, bottom, left and right margins to 0.25 inches in the dialog box.

You can optionally do all of the above in the Page Setup dialog box. Click the Page Layout tab and click the arrow at the bottom of the Page Setup section of the ribbon.

Insert picture

Insert the PNG certificate template you chose for this tutorial by going to the tab Insert and choose Image

In the Insert Image window, navigate to the folder and select the certificate image. Then press the button Insert † You should now see a template that fills most of the page.

Text wrapping

To add text over the certificate image, you need to disable text wrapping by going to the page Picture Tools: Format tab > Wrap Text > Behind Text † Save the document and save it periodically as you work with the certificate. You are now ready to personalize the certificate by adding a name and description.

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