Cut Text Effect in Photoshop Elements

Here’s how to create a 3D text effect with Photoshop Elements. This effect makes the text look like it was punched out of the surface. In this tutorial, you’ll work with layers, the horizontal type picker, and layer style effects.

Start a new document with a preset internet New Empty file Minimal internet.

  1. The note
  2. Create a new solid fill layer
  3. Choose the type
  4. Remove type selection
  5. Apply shadow
  6. Customize the effect style
  7. Change background color

The note

This guide also works with the current version of Photoshop Elements – Photoshop Elements 15

Create a new solid fill layer

Create a new layer with a solid color fill using the adjustment layer button in the layers palette.

Choose white for the new layer color.

Choose the type

Select the Horizontal Mask Type tool by clicking Text tool and then select Mask tool type on the toolbar, which displays additional tools of the type.

Click in the document and enter text. The text appears white on a pink background, because that’s really the type selection we’re making, and the masked area appears with a red overlay.

Highlight the text to make it stand out, then choose a bold font and a large font size (about 150px).

When you are happy with your choice of type, click green checkmark to apply it. The red overlay becomes the “marching ants” mark.

Remove type selection

Click remove on your keyboard to “stripe” the selected text from the top layer, then deselect or use the keyboard command ctrl d

Apply shadow

Go to palette Effects Windown Effects if it’s not showing) and click the second layer style icon, then set the menu to show shadows.

Double click on shadow style low to apply it.

If you can’t find the shade style, please try Low layer style Style Settings and select Shadow † † When the dialog box opens, set Injection like Mate Distance And cover in front of drop shadow † When you’re done, click Okay

The purpose of Drop Shadow is to show the elevation. In this case, the shadow is used to give the text an embossed effect. Either way, subtle should be your goal. Keep in mind that the higher the object casting the shadow is above the surface, the larger and weaker (opacity) around the edges.

This technique is very similar to creating a “shadow” in Photoshop.

Customize the effect style

You can stop here or double click fx icon on the layers palette to adjust the look of the shadow. You can change the angle of the light, or the size, distance, and opacity of the shadow.

Change background color

Fill the background with a different color if you want by clicking on it in the layers palette and going to the section Change to fill or with the fill tool.

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