Darkroom for iPhone: the AI ​​Masking update is cool and free

a new update dark camera application A great update to your already excellent photo editor for iPhone. Now it includes IA-made masks that can instantly select, for example, a person’s hair, skin, and teeth. Users can also click to select other scene elements such as the first plan and the bottom plan. Many resources are free and a review signature unlocks more resources. Hands-on testing confirms that the new and impressive selection of masks works as advertised, reliably isolating elements for quick and easy adjustments for perfect shots.

Custom RAW photography has become the domain of DSLRs, point-and-shoot computer systems, and specialty software. Users need this to take advantage of the excellent quality of this format. However, this has changed dramatically in recent years as smartphones have gained the ability to capture and edit RAW photos. In 2020, Apple will do even better with its ProRAW format, which preserves uncompressed image quality while still applying IA approvals that allow the cameras of two smartphones to compete with dedicated cameras.

Darkroom It has long been recognized as an excellent RAW photo editor, but with the latest update, the tower is more useful than ever. New IA-oriented masks create 3D maps of prices in photos, allowing color and rendering to be adjusted based on depth for correction and even adapted to difficult lighting conditions. Even more impressive are the IA-approved subject masks, which automatically create masks for hair, skin, eyes, teeth, and would have masks around the subject. ProRAW images or photos with flashbacks can be captured directly to the iPhone and optimized quickly and easily without transferring to a computer. If everything works fine, but the tons of skin are deactivated, tapping the skin mask will fix it separately from the rest of the image. Users can lighten the highlights of the hair and see the details without affecting the hair. It is a revolutionary technology that improves the semi-automatic blocking of compiler systems, which users can use for free. Other options are available as signatures or single purchases, providing essential access. Darkroom has launched a demo video On Twitter, this seems like a good idea to be true, but it works, even for typical fans.

Darkroom is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers, and all three are IA masking tips. A cute aspect of the app is that a single signature or vitality tower or app is available on all three devices and supports Family Sharing. The monthly signature costs US$5 while the annual signature costs US$30 with a 50% discount. For two years and a month or more, the best value is the “Unlock Everything Forever” option for a one-time fee of US$75. For an application that is updated several times a year with new resources every few weeks, buy Darkroom – Plus is a great company for anyone interested in our premium unlockable resources.

Darkroom-Plus unlocks export with masks, more advanced hardware and curves, advanced filters, watermarks with text or image and video processing. Using Darkroom’s photo tools on video is a little flimsy and provides a level of control that’s hard to master. With Darkroom-Plus unlocked, even IA masks can handle video. The Darkroom iPhone app is recognized as a strong competitor to Adobe Lightroom. This new update can be compensated darkroom applicationsespecially since Darkroom-Plus purchases are available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

source: Shadow Camera/Twitterapp Store

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