Define a Spotify music or playlist as an alarm on Android

for many android For phone users, the alarm is the first thing they hear before starting the day, and the good news is that the touch can be set for your favorite Spotify player. Those who prefer soft melodies to gradually lift them to a full overflow canmola‘L’brisa‘integrated into the Google Relógio application. But sleepers who need more sensory stimulation may want to tune in to classic rock music or a little wellness. Listen to John Mayer’s Wonderful Autism”Shin Kong“In the morning, you can trigger boas vibrations in the back of the cheeks or irritating nose, which are generally associated with alarms.

Some Android phones may include a custom integrated watch application designed by the manufacturer. But just as Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, many Android phones come with Google’s advanced Clock application. Using a detector designed by Google allows Spotify music to be used as an alternative alarm clock. It is, of course, incorrect to say that a Spotify account is also necessary.

Before defining Sound Alarm Like a Spotify music, please check if Google Clock is available on your Android phone. configurationtouch Applications and notificationsand find the pattern clock application to replace.toque remove ou Handicapped† Please note that the names of the two menus may differ depending on the Android phone model and it may not be possible to override the pre-installed phone application on some devices. Then check if your phone is running Android 9 or later. Finally, make sure that the phone also has the Spotify app installed and that the user is logged in.

To alternate the alarm sound with music from the Spotify catalog, launch the Application Watch and select: alarming to the bottom menu. Click the “+” icon to create a new alarm or select an existing alarm. Click the pause icon next to the selected alarm and click the alarm that is currently Suntouch SpotifyFind the music you want to use in the list – it should have playlists and recently played music associated with your Spotify account in the Google Clock application – or use the search function and tap Select a file.

To search and select Spotify-specific music while the alarm is sounding, users must have a premium account. However, a paid subscription to Spotify is not exactly a requirement to view the entire music library of the audio streaming service. Free accounts allow you to select Spotify playlists and assign them as android Touch for the phone alarm, because the occasional ad doesn’t matter.

source: Google Support, app store

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