Did you know that Alexa can plant trees for you, how do you do that?

debaixo from the Amazon With the new green campaign, if someone wants to plant a tree, ask Alexa. Planting trees is one of the most popular ways to offset the carbon footprint and help reduce the impact of climate change. Trees are vital to ecosystems and the thousands of species that depend on them. The trees and flowers also keep the water and life courses safe and balanced.

Modern climate change initiatives are one of the top priorities of major tech companies. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Meta and Apple have their own green product portfolios. Her initiatives include turning around or making it as green as possible, switching to solar or solar energy or creating high-quality applications. Major tech companies are struggling to become carbon neutral and attract modern customers who prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies.

Amazonas Advertising It only costs US$1 million to plant 1 million trees, and users can participate by saying “join me”Alexa, plant a tree“Give $1 to plant a tree. An Amazon fez parceria com planted a tree The event’s Charity Institute announced today that April will be commemorated as Earth Month. In particular, no trees are planted. At the same time, One Tree Planted focuses on planting native trees that can provide specific benefits.

The new Amazon campaign focuses on four areas. One is the restoration of an open air mine in Appalachia, Pensilvania, where 34 acres of mined land would be regenerated with native species. In California, every plant planted will help restore flowers damaged by wildfires and reduce the risk of catastrophic flooding and new fires. In India, the trees will help farmers create sustainable practices and provide nutritious food. Meanwhile, in the northern Pacific, the trees planted will help orchids living at the extinction levels, restoring the salmon habitat, its main food source.

planted a tree We hope this new event will continue to contribute to the global movement. The Charity Institute has planted 23.5 million trees by 2021 and has reforestation projects in more than 43 countries. Amazon explains that this new initiative adds to its ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. The company is involved in carbon offsets, climate compromises and recycling incentives through recycling programs.

Despite constant supplies and a green campaign, Amazon is now closed and seen as the biggest polluter of the plastic and packaging market, next to air pollution from freight and logistics. Embora this new plan is an important step in the right direction, Amazonas Much work remains to be done to make its operations fully sustainable and have a significant impact on our global environment.

source: Amazon, planted a tree

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